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Baja Bikes Reviews

Did you experience a guided tour in one of our Baja Bikes-cities? Please send us your tour review: This is what people who already enjoyed a bike tour or city walk with Baja Bikes say about our services:

Prague Highlights Tour
Sanne, 30th of April 2023
A really fun tour! Guide who explained very nicely about the sights with nice anecdotes. We were with our 2 children aged 5 and 7 and they really enjoyed it too! Also good self-guided cycling for our daughter aged 7. Son aged 5 had a tag a long, was perfect! Next time we will definitely choose Baja Bikes again!

Madrid Highlights Tour
Maxine, 29th of April 2023
Very nice tour. So you see all kinds of nice places of the city. The guide also knew all the facts and a lot about the history. Highly recommended.

Amsterdam Highlights Tour
Annik, 29th of April 2023
Together with our 2 children aged 16 and 18, we did the Dutch-language cycling tour ”Highlights” on Sunday 16 April. Our group consisted of 9 people and it was very pleasant cycling. Our fun and funny guide Conny taught us a lot about Amsterdam. Both the history of Amsterdam, the architecture, the sights, but also a lot of interesting facts that you won’t find in any tourist guide. During the bike tour, she also let us pick and choose what exactly we wanted to see. We also did a bike tour with Bajabikes in Stockholm a few years ago and we really liked it then too, hence now in Amsterdam. On the next city trip, we will definitely book a tour again. In short, nothing to complain about, great guide, nice tour and great fun for both us and our kids.

New York, Manhattan & Brooklyn Tour
Marina, 27th of April 2023
Super fun bike tour, had Ted as Dutch guide, great job! Lots of information. Nice stop spots to take photos. Good bikes!

Valencia Highlights Tour
Richard, 25th of April 2023
Professional Guide who gives good info on the culture, city and sights. 3-hour tour gives an excellent impression of the city to further explore the following days.

Alicante Private Tour
Karel, 22nd of April 2023
I am very satisfied. We arrived in Spain on Friday morning, had agreed to cycle at 11am but due to a suitcase not arriving I called and it was no problem we did it the next day at 11am. Super service

Florence Highlights Tour
Hans, 21st of April 2023
Cycled for three hours with enthusiastic guide ***** through a busy Florence (tourists walking everywhere ) and got a pretty good view of the city. Saw a lot, had good explanations, was told fun facts and ate the most delicious ice cream our trip to Tuscany!

Brussels Highlights Tour
Liesbeth, 20th of April 2023
Great way to get an overview of a new city and then easily find your way The tour was quite tough with some climbs here and there (no ebike) Cheerful Belgian guide gave lots of interesting and fun information Tasty waffle along the way Also suitable for children who can cycle well on their own Next city again baja bikes

Copenhagen Highlights Tour
Elsje, 18th of April 2023
SUPER TOCHT WITH 8 BELGIANS, so small groups which is very pleasant, AND VERY ADVISED and SUPPORTING HOLLAND GUIDE. (lost name 53 years old with a small child) He knew how to charm us with his explanations (not too many details that we would forget anyway, but interesting facts).

Milan Highlights Tour
Patrick, 15th of April 2023
Really a lovely bike ride along nice spots in Milan. The nice weather helped, of course. Nice explanations from the guide. Great!

Rome Highlights Tour
Karel, 12th of April 2023
Super run with very good guide.

Valencia Highlights Tour
Nicole, 11th of April 2023
Super bike tour with a very nice guide who gave a good explanation with lots of humour, top!

Krakow Highlights Tour
Chantal, 8th of April 2023
Nikki is one of the nicest and best guide ever! She knows so much about the history of Poland Krakow. Highly recommended.

Madrid Highlights Tour
Wieneke, 8th of April 2023
Was top! Chris a funny thoughtful guy, with a lot of knowledge about the city! He ‘made’ the tour!

Rome Highlights Tour
Hilde, 6th of April 2023
Enormously enjoyed; nice guide, good tour, lots of knowledge. Highly recommended!

Seville Highlights Tour
René, 4rd of April 2023
We had a very nice bike tour of Seville led by Tim our GREAT guide. Thanks again Tim!!!

Valencia Highlights Tour
Heidi, 3rd of April 2023
Nice reception! The lady who toured us around could tell fun and a lot.

London Highlights Tour
Mirjam, 1st of April 2023
Despite moderate weather conditions, it was a super fun bike tour where the guide delivered all the info in an engaging way.

Rotterdam Highlights Tour
Eric, 30th of March 2023
Highly recommended, good friendly guide and fine cycling

Madrid Highlights Tour
Theo, 29th of March 2023
We had made reservations for 4 of us to take the city bike tour with the Dutch guide. We really enjoyed it. Relaxed bicycle tour, very occasionally through “the crowds” but also through quiet parking lots and inner courtyards. A lot was told about Berlin’s history and events. Was a very informative morning. Thanks

Rome Highlights Tour
Ingrid, 26th of March 2023
Very personal, small group, great knowledge about the city, good Dutch speaking , enthusiastic, good bikes for our long legs, in short highly recommended !!!!

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Astrid, 24th of March 2023
Ideal to start at the top, so you don’t have to cycle uphill. We were well looked after by *****. He knew how to tell a lot and you could also go to him for practical questions. It was (as we are used to from Baja Bikes) absolutely fine.

Porto Highlights Tour
Agnes, 22nd of March 2023
Saw a lot. Nice guide who knew how to tell a lot and answer questions The bikes were great. Uphill : no problem.

Malaga Highlights Tour
Wilmie, 21st of March 2023
A super fun way to explore the city and hear the ins and outs of all kinds of things **** is a fun enthusiastic girl who herself had a super fun time showing us around Malaga

Athens Highlights Tour
Marcel, 19th of March 2023
For us, the bike tour was the start of our 5 days in Athens. This was a golden one. Heard a lot. Seen a lot. Immediate insight and overview of the city. Lots of interesting facts. But also good tips. Absolutely good restaurants pointed out. Great distance for cycling. Highly recommended.

Dublin Highlights Tour
Geert-Jan, 17th of March 2023
Really enjoyed our tour of Dublin. Guide ****** told us all the ins-and-outs about the city and also guided us well through the city. highly recommended!

Valencia Highlights Tour
Carla, 15th of March 2023
Fun bike tour of t park and old town, led by an enthusiastic Dutch-speaking guide. Highly recommended.

Vienna Highlights Tour
Ellen, 11th of March 2023
Enjoyed a wonderful bike tour of Vienna. Nice to discover the history behind this beautiful and clean city this way. Fascinating and very congenial guide! Thanks!

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Elsemiek, 10th of March 2023
We had super fun and we had a great guide

Paris Highlights Tour
Bauke, 8th of March 2023
We enjoyed the bike tour, great to cycle in the sunshine behind the guide and see a lot of Paris! Much better than taking the Metro underground ;).

Berlin Highlights Tour
Lotte, 6th of March 2023
We liked the tour very much. Good bikes, knowledgeable friendly guide. Sufficient balance between cycling and standing still/explanation. Highly recommended!

Marrakech Highlights Tour
Leontien, 4th of March 2023
There were only 2 of us this tour and so we were given prix tour of Marrakech. Our guide was Youssef. Really highly recommended. He taught himself NL via youtube and told us all kinds of facts about the city along the way! Really top guidance and well worth it. I would recommend the early shift of 9.15 a.m. then you can see the city awakening a bit and still have a good time in between everything. 15.15 the whole city is up and running and it’s harder to manoeuvre through.

Seville Highlights Tour
Harry, 1st of March 2023
This city tour is doable without an e-bike even when you are 80+ and the guide from Belgium could tell very interesting stories. Highly recommended.

Antwerp Highlights Tour
Marina, 27th of February 2023
We saw a lot and went to surprising places. The guide told great stories. We had a great time!

Brussels Highlights Tour
Bart, 26th of February 2023
The tour of Brussels was very nice. The guide’s knowledge of the city, funny anecdotes and humour really made a difference!

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Jet, 23rd of February 2023
As always, enjoyed the Baja guided bike tour again. This time through Lisbon. **** and **** were fine guides who had fun facts and tips and anecdotes to tell. Only mini-minus: during the first part you descend through busy streets and you are then so busy cycling that the surroundings almost escape you. But whether that can be ‘helped’ I doubt. Otherwise, all praise. In a subsequent city trip, it will be Baja again! That’s for sure.

Rome Via Appia Tour
Charlie, 22nd of February 2023
Nice way to discover the highlights of Rome. Our guide *** gave very nice explanations of all the sights and also lots of fun facts. Absolutely recommended! Also to do with teenagers and children!

Seville Highlights Tour
Marilyn, 20th of February 2023
We have booked with BajaBikes before. All times it has been good. Last tour in Seville was top again. Nice person who could talk spontaneously and enthusiastically. Reception was good, the group size was fine. Keep up the good work and see you next time.

Paris Highlights Tour
Bart, 18th of January 2023
Fun way to see the city. Great guide with passion for and veell knowledge of Paris

London Highlights Tour
Hester, 17th of February 2023
Enthusiastic guide with loads of interesting facts and fun anecdotes at the various highlights.

Alicante Highlights Tour
Esmee, 16th of February 2023
Very nice informative tour, the guide knew very nice things about the city of alicante

Valencia Highlights Tour
Sarat, 14th of February 2023
Good explanations, good variety of cycling and occasional breaks to have a good look at something small group making the tour more personal which is definitely good

Berlin Highlights Tour
Stéphanie, 11th of February 2023
We were given a tour by Casper, an adept Dutch young man who summarised German history for us in a very comprehensible way and linked all the sights in Berlin to it. A bike tour that really is a must-do to kick off your stay in Berlin!

Buenos Aires Highlights Tour
Jose, 9th of February 2023
Great guide was ***! Thanks for the dynamic, entertaining tour. Got super insight into Argentina’s current times and BA icm history. Highly recommended!

Budapest Highlights Tour
Marcel, 6th of February 2023
Very nice and friendly guide! Definitely highly recommended. The tourers very fun and informative op.

Groningen Highlights Tour
Wim, 4th of February 2023
Lovely bike tour of undiscovered places in beautiful Groningen led by a nice friendly student Eva who knows all about Groningen.

Athens Highlights Tour
Mariska, 1st of February 2023
Cycled through Athens with *** as our guide. Nice interesting tour with good explanations. Thanks ***! Recommended.

Barcelona Panoramic Tour
Christophe, 30th of January 2023
No comments really, . was a fantastic tour with a nice fantastic Belgian guide, . so nothing to comment on. Just do it I would say.

Berlin Highlights Tour
Ad, 28th of January 2023
We had a very nice tour of Berlin, saw super much and what a beautiful story the guide could tell.

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Bianca, 27th of January 2023
Always great!

Barceleona Highlights Tour + Rental
Anke, 21st of January 2023
We had a fun and interesting tour, kind of private even (January, no other registrations, but it just went on for the two of us!) Our Dutch-speaking guide Perry cycled us past all kinds of historical and more contemporary highlights in the city, explaining how the city has developed. Great bikes with 3 gears, which we were also allowed to use for the rest of the day. Met only friendly people!

Berlin Highlights Tour
Ruud, 19th of January 2023
A bike tour is a great way to get to know a city anyway, especially if you’re visiting for the first time, but especially when you get such a top-notch guide as *****: lots of knowledge of history, great stories and fun facts. We enjoyed it. Highly recommended!

Athens Secrets Tour
Mart, 16th of January 2023
Lovely tour where we gained many places we later revisited. Lots of fun facts and information gained! Very nice to get to know the city (and the country) this way. Also benefited a lot from the (later) tips of our guide for which thanks again!

Seville Highlights Tour
Patrick, 14th of January 2023
Nice 3-hour tour to get a first impression of the city. Fine guide who gave a lot of relevant information. Neat case with nice and clean toilet.

Prague Highlights Tour
Evelyne, 12th of January 2023
Rose is a very enthusiastic tour guide and knows a lot about beautiful Prague, highly recommended! Would do it again in a minute.

Malaga Highlights Tour
Erik, 9th of January 2023
Very nice to get to places outside the usual tourist hotspots and get background information about them. Ellen was a very fun, enthusiastic tour guide during this tour!

Rome Via Appia Tour
Ben, 6th of January 2023
We did 2 bike tours at Baja Bikes, with a Dutch guide. One tour of the city of Rome and one on the Via Appia. We really enjoyed these tours. You pass places you wouldn’t otherwise visit and also the in-between info the guides give was a nice wrap-up and interesting. The Via Appia tour was very surprising. A bit busier at first, but soon you leave the city in silence. Very special that this road always exists. Really recommended.

Berlin Highlights Tour
Chantal, 4th of January 2023
Fun tour with **** through Berlin, saw a lot good explanations along the way. Nice stop for a coffee along the way. Highly recommended

Seville Highlights Tour
San, 4th of January 2023
As everyone will agree: the best way to quickly explore a city. In the process, we were accompanied by our eloquent *****, who was not only very knowledgeable about history, but also shared it with us engagingly and enthusiastically!

Bruges Highlights Tour
Yves, 2nd of January 2023
Nice way to discover the highlights of Rome. Our guide *** gave very nice explanations of all the sights and also lots of fun facts. Absolutely recommended! Also to do with teenagers and children!

Valencia Highlights Tour
Leonore, 30th of December 2022
A fun and interesting bike tour of old and new Valencia. At each stop, our Dutch guide managed to tell us a lot about the history and in and outs about the life of the Spaniards themselves in a fun way. We enjoyed this!

Malaga Highlights Tour
Alex, 28th of December 2022
Fun tour with very good guidance. Lots of tips sent after, good quality bikes

Lille Highlights Tour
Jochem, 26th of December 2022
Despite a freezing cold bike tour, got a very interesting look at Lille by a very knowledgeable and sympathetic guide. Was super cool, can recommend it to everyone.

Napels Highlights Tour
Tineke, 26th of December 2022
Super fun experience with a local, lots of great tips and insight information for our continued stay in Naples.

Lanzarote Central E-Bike Tour
Baukje, 24th of December 2022
We (family with 7 adults) really enjoyed the tour, great bikes, nice route, sympathetic guide *****. Absolutely recommended to do on Lanzarote!

Marrakech Highlights Tour
Karin, 23rd of December 2022
It was super fun bike tour with an enthusiastic guide.He took us to special places in Marrakech that we would never have found on our own.

Dublin Highlights Tour
Ronny, 23rd of December 2022
We had an excellent guide in Dublin to Jeroen. Fun and interesting facts and info he knew how to tell. We also had a nice small group of 6 people. In short, I highly recommend taking this bike tour in Dublin so you get to know the city in a different way.

Maastricht Christmas Tour
A.H.M., 22nd of December 2022
We liked the tour and our guide *** accompanied us well and provided us with information at the various sights. The same goes for the tour of Barcelona (done by us earlier this year) where *** was our guide. The same applies to him as to ***. Those bikes in Maastricht were of a better quality and design than those in Barcelona, though.

Berlin Highlights Tour
Sanne, 19th of December 2022
Good tour guide, great stories. During our tour it was really super cold, but yes, you can’t do anything about that. Maybe two shorter stops would have been better instead of 1.

Prague Christmas Walking Tour
Amanda, 17th of December 2022
Was a very nice walking tour of Prague. Our guide *** could tell everything about the city beautifully and well. Highly recommended.

Paris Highlights Tour
Barbara, 17th of December 2022
It was very cold in Paris, but the guidebook’s stories warmed us. Nice route, saw a lot and heard fun facts. The bikes were very pleasant and well maintained. Real attention was paid to comfort. Saddle at good height. The welcome was also welcoming and very friendly. In short, on our next city trip again Baja Bikes.

Bruges Highlights Tour
Robbert, 16th of December 2022
Cycled through Bruges with 6 people. Visited the highlights and more with good additional information.

Valencia Highlights Tour
Rhija, 12th of November 2022
Super interesting tour, the guide took plenty of time to explain, involves you, and knows an answer to every question. Always a treat, these bike tours. Thanks!

London Highlights Tour
Dorothe, 10th of November 2022
We had a super time. I use bajabikes more often, but for my daughter(25), this was the first time. She did not expect this to be so much fun. To be repeated was her reaction. Of course, we also had a great guide, which adds a lot. I would say: keep up the good work!

Amsterdam Lights Festival Tour
Petra, 9th of December 2022
It was a nice tour of the festival, pleasant guide who knew enough to tell about the objects and about Amsterdam. We found the festival itself less impressive compared to previous years.

Rotterdam Highlights Tour
Paul, 9th of November 2022
We saw the important highlights of the city, the bike tour went well and the guide’s explanations were interesting. More “from life” than historical, which I really appreciated.

Alicante Highlights Tour
Rick, 8th of December 2022
Super fun cycling through alicante with a guide (Dutch). She really knew a lot to tell! We will definitely do it again in another city.

Sagrada Familia walking Tour
Monique, 5th of December 2022
Fantastic guide incl pretty impressive tour.

Prague Highlights Tour
Nannette, 3rd of December 2022
Nice to be able to sign up for a bike tour so soon in advance (1day). Especially if you’re only in a big city for a weekend. Nice, enthusiastic guide, who showed us Prague in 3 hours, with its splendour and bumpiness and peculiarities.

Madrid Highlights Tour
Etta, 1st of December 2022
Great tour! We were slightly late because we hadn’t had lunch yet. Was all no problem. Our guide, ****, had many great stories and information that we could put to good use during the rest of our stay in Madrid. Unfortunately, there was some light rain during the cycle tour but we were all given ponchos! Thanks for the nice tour!

Rotterdam Private Tour
Marcel, 28th of November 2022
We had a great private tour. It was freezing cold in Rotterdam that day but the warm enthusiasm of our guide made up for everything. The guide knew how to tell stories in a beautiful way, involved us and was super relaxed. Absolutely recommended and we really do realise that success depends on the guide … we had a very good guide.

Antwerp Highlights Tour
Marielle, 27th of November 2022
Despite the rain and cold, it is highly recommended! Nice enthusiastic lady guide who couldn’t stop talking about “her” city. Super fun on good bikes.

Prague Highlights Tour
Lia, 25th of November 2022
Fun, varied tour. Our guide, Lois, could tell a lot of extra about the city. Nice!!!

Rio Highlights Tour
Miranda, 23rd of November 2022
Nice bike tour, flexible guide. Marco told us a lot about life in Rio and social relations. The personal touch made it an extra nice experience!

Athens Highlights Tour
Luise, 22nd of November 2022
Really a super fun experience for the first day Athens for orientation, doable for all ages , *** really super narrated the tour and showed us around safely , top!

Istanbul Walking Tour
Marion, 20th of November 2022
The guide we had was called ****, he made our vacation a party! All praise!!! Great guide!!!

Valencia Highlights Tour
Stephanie, 20th of November 2022
Very interesting, and very good guide!

Brussels Highlights Tour
Marjon, 19th of November 2022
What a pleasant guide and what a lot he had to tell. That the tour started a little late because the guide was delayed along the way didn’t matter. With the snack break on the way we were back at the start at 14.45. It is quite a tough tour with a lot of climbs but hey, we can do that (even without an e-bike). you really see a lot of Brussels and that waffle on the way! delicious. Of all the trips we have already made with Baja bikes, this was really one of the most enjoyable.

Paris Secret Tour
Ivo, 18th of November 2022
Fun, surprising Secret tour. With a group of 10 people actually quite doable.

Bilbao Highlights Tour
Gaston, 17th of November 2022
Fun guided tour of Bilbao. Group of 10 participants. Interesting info by the guide.

Marrakech Highlights Tour
Bram, 17th of November 2022
Blessed tour with guide who gave us a lot of info. Everything perfect in terms of communication and timing.

Porto Highlights Tour
Truus, 15th of November 2022
Very satisfied… we could postpone the tour to the afternoon because it was raining in the morning. A great experience with *** , our guide who told all the details of Porto in a pleasant way!!! Really highly recommended!

Valencia Highlights Tour
Inge, 15th of November 2022
A very nice guide! Great stories and history of Valencia. And of course the tips regarding food and beautiful places in Valencia.

New York, Manhattan and Brooklyn Tour
Delagaye, 13th of November 2022
It was a blissful experience to explore New York by bicycle. On this tour we got to places we would never have been otherwise. Chuck was the perfect guide to get to know NYC.

Dublin Highlights Tour
Michel, 12th of November 2022
Had good guide who told about Dublin in a calm and engaging way. Very informative and interesting.

Rotterdam Highlights Tour
Inge, 12th of November 2022
Saw a lot, beautiful route and an enthusiastic guide! Thanks!

Paris with children Tour
Liesbet, 11th of November 2022
It was TOP!!! A super sweet guide Trijntje guided us through a beautiful city, told us enthusiastically about life then and now in Paris, … And all that WITH our kids on the bike! An unforgettable experience. Our daughter of 9 found this her best vacation ever!

Seville Italica Tour
Gemma, 11th of November 2022
This is the bicycle excursion to Italica (Seville). Italica is well worth a visit. Especially our enthusiastic guide Daniel told very fascinating about these Roman excavations.

Faro, Ria Formosa Tour
Fred, 9th of November 2022
Was fine tour by *** and we got good explanation, varied landscape. He advised us electric bikes and that was very good. At the end also got a very good tip, where we could eat locally. Tour is highly recommended!

Istanbul Highlights Tour
Diana, 8th of November 2022
We took a very nice tour of the city with a very enthusiastic guide!

Porto Highlights Tour
Henri, 7th of November 2022
Three days in Porto, 2 of them rain. No problem at all to reschedule the bike tour. A nice tour with a pleasant guide who has and shares many “facts”. Takes good account of the group.

Madrid Highlights Tour
Merel, 5th of November 2022
Was super fun! Even my 79-year-old grandmother was able to keep up!

Seville Highlights Tour
Chantal, 4th of November 2022
Suuuper cool experience! Very competent, friendly and cool guide! Highly recommended! Thanks again!!!

New York Highlights Tour
Nicoline, 3rd of November 2022
The most fun way to get to know New York is to take a bike tour with a local guide!

Prague Highlights Tour
Marieke, 2nd of November 2022
It was a very nice tour. A lot was told about the sights and we got nice tips from our guide Lois. We also really liked the fact that after the bike tour all the tips from the other guides were also written down on a paper. As a result, we also enjoyed eating and drinking on the other days.

Athens Highlights Tour
Cynthia, 2nd of November 2022
Nice, friendly guide with lots of information about Athens. Great job.

Madrid Highlights Tour
Jan, 1st of November 2022
Tour went very well. Very friendly nice guide. We were also very pleased with the quality of the bikes

Brussels Highlights Tour
Wendy, 1st of November 2022
Was a super fun tour with a lot of variety

Rome Highlights Tour
Marijke, 31st of October 2022
In 1 word: fantastic!!! Super smoothly arranged. Good info after booking. Also received more tips for city trip. And the tour with guide Henk extremely interesting and good. We have enjoyed. Also good eBikes!

Dublin Highlights Tour
Nicole, 30th of October 2022
It was very beautiful we enjoyed it . Highly recommended for everyone.

New York Manhattan & Brooklyn Tour
Louise, 29th of October 2022
Daniel was a friendly guide, who showed us beautiful places in New York. For example, Brooklyn Park with a beautiful skyline. He told from his own experience about 9/11, impressive! It was a super tour!

Prague Highlights Tour
Nicole, 28th of October 2022
Super fun tour we had, Emma was our guide. Very nice. One who brings history with a smile and a joke.

Lille Highlights Tour
Gerrit, 28th of October 2022
A bike tour of a city is always an experience, on a city trip it is a comfortable way to see the sights of a city and then choose which places you want to see in more detail on your own. The excellent guide gave us a lot of information about the history of the city and gave us in a pleasant way about all other aspects of the city. The relaxed way the guide accompanied us made it a valuable experience. We can recommend it to everyone.

Paris Highlights Tour
Wendy, 28th of October 2022
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Paris. The weather and the nice guide and the beautiful surroundings made our trip to Paris unforgettable!

Berlin with Children Tour
Rien, 27th of October 2022
Indeed 5 stars. We are very satisfied with the bike tour. Varied and very good bikes. Completely met our expectations unlike a previous bike tour. Also the kids (11 years and 9 years) loved the kids tour in Berlin. Kudos to *** who told a good story that was understandable for the kids. Worth repeating.

Amsterdam Highlights Tour
Johan, 24th of October 2022
Nice tour covering the highlights of Amsterdam and gives good impression of what the city has to offer, as well as its rich history. Great guide.

London Highlights Tour
Jose, 26th of October 2022
Super bike tour of London. Good pace, lots of information….. simply TOP.

Maastricht Highlights Tour
Rennie, 25th of October 2022
Small group and guide who explained a lot. You got to places you don’t normally get to!

Amsterdam Highlights Tour
Johan, 24th of October 2022
Nice tour covering the highlights of Amsterdam and gives good impression of what the city has to offer, as well as its rich history. Great guide.

Berlin Highlights Tour
Gerrit, 24th of October 2022
We had a nice tour of the most important sights of Berlin. Quality of the bikes was excellent. This tour became very valuable partly because of the articulate and friendly guide. The guide told more anecdotes and stories about the people who lived in the time which made it interesting. Recommended.

Barcelona Panoramic Tour
Nele, 23rd of October 2022
Everything was SUPER!!! So enjoyed the guidance from ***! Very good guide

Lecce Highlights Tour
Yvonne, 23rd of October 2022
We had the bicycle tour in Lecce; Italy. The guide was a Belgian lady; ***. She did such an awesome job; really highly recommended. She was very friendly and could tell a lot about the history of the city without being boring. Really top…. really highly recommended if you want to see a bit more of the city.

Seville Private Tour
Ludo, 22nd of October 2022
Super nice tour with our wonderful Belgian guide. Very interesting and very enjoyable. The guide told very enthusiastically and happily about ordinary things. Not reciting years and facts that you immediately forget anyway, but interesting things, also about everyday life in Seville.

Vienna Highlights Tour
Hermien, 22nd of October 2022
Beautiful tour of Vienna with a fantastic Dutch guide.

Copenhagen Highlights Tour
Gijs, 22nd of October 2022
The tour was nice as was the guide.

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Freek, 20th of October 2022
This was the topper of our 5 day city trip, nice guide, highly recommended!

Porto Highlights Tour
J.F., 21st of October 2022
Very fun and interesting to explore the city by bike, the next days we knew exactly where we still wanted to go. Nice guide with lots of information and a nice group of participants! Super bikes, what an ease and pleasure of this. And we received a final e-mail with tips and addresses, great! Highly recommended :-).

Budapest Highlights Tour
Simone, 20th of October 2022
Super tour!!! Nice guide(***), who tried to take into account what the group wanted to see/know. Interesting! Cool way to get to know the city and its history better!

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Freek, 20th of October 2022
This was the topper of our 5 day city trip, nice guide, highly recommended!

Rottedam Highlights Tour
Minke, 17th of October 2022
Very nice tour, very nice & engaging guide and good cycling equipment!

Budapest Highlights Tour
Tommie, 13th of October 2022
Very friendly guide (***) who quickly took us through the nicest places in Budapest. He explained everything but never overloaded us with too many explanations so that it remained very pleasant.

Sagrada Familia Tour
Jikke, 17th of October 2022
Super way to perceive the details of the church. there is so much to see that without a guide you won’t know where to look. after the tour there is still plenty of time to walk around on your own.

Marrakech Highlights Tour
Danielle, 14th of October 2022
The tour of Marrakech was wonderful! The explanation of our guide *** also very nice, a pleasant lady! The Moroccan guide was also of added value in the hectic traffic.

Napels Highlights Tour
Sylvia, 13th of October 2022
Very professional organization on site! Really impressed.

Berlin Highlights Tour
Elsbeth, 13th of October 2022
Lots of explanations, varied and very suitable with children

Rome Panoramic Tour
Margriet, 12th of October 2022
A very nice tour and very nice guide, unfortunately I don’t remember her name. But she told very much and clearly.

Athens Highlights Tour
Ilse, 10th of October 2022
Very nice tour of Athens. Joost was a top guide with great stories. Definitely recommend.

Cordoba Highlights Tour
Ilse, 8th of October 2022
Nice multifaceted tour of the city. Nice spontaneous guide who knew how to tell a lot.

Krakow Highlights Tour
Willem, 8th of October 2022
Meeting point clearly indicated. Good bikes and detailed and clear explanations at each stop

Malaga Highlights Tour
Dave, 7th of October 2022
Communication beforehand was clear and straightforward. Once I arrived at the location I was received nicely. My experience of the bicycle tour was very positive. Visited many locations and got plenty of time and space everywhere to take pictures. Further compliments to Caitlin! Shared a lot of information with us.

Rome Via Appia Tour
Elwin, 6th of October 2022
A special experience to visit this ancient Roman highway with an inspired guide. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to see something outside the city.

Paris Highlights Tour
Esther, 4th of October 2022
Beautiful route, lots of interesting explanations at the sights, enthusiastic guide

Rome Panoramic Tour
Margriet, 4th of October 2022
A very nice tour and very nice guide, unfortunately I don’t remember her name. But she told very much and clearly.

Valencia Highlights Tour
Erik, 2nd of October 2022
Pleasant tour, good guide, interesting and fun info. Definitely an added value when visiting Valencia.

Rome Highlights Tour
Josee, 2nd of October 2022
Perfect starter tour to discover Rome; you get a good idea of the city and where the highlights are so you can go there yourself later. Also nice anecdotes and explanations of the various monuments.

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Ingrid, 30th of August 2022
Our tour guide, was amazing. What an enthusiastic guy who knew how to tell stories with so much passion and humor. Precisely because of that, so much information stuck with us and we looked at Lisbon with completely different eyes. He made the tour for us really great

Madrid Highlights Tour
Anja, 28th of August 2022
Great e-bikes which was nice because of the hills and a very good guide who knew a lot about the country and city history He showed us a lot to see and experience.

Londen Secrets Tour
Barbara, 27th of August 2022
Super fun ride through the city! Enthusiastic guide, fun route, great bike

Bruges Highlights Tour
Johan, 24th of August 2022
Great, didn’t think this would be so much fun, can recommend it to anyone, also the guide was super.

Bergen Highlights Tour
Ellen, 23rd of August 2022
Nice bikes, nice tour of Bergen

Lucca Highlights Tour
Bertine, 22nd of August 2022
Super fun tour, with good guide. also good to do with kids! Nice way to explore city.

Paris Highlights Tour
Katy, 22nd of August 2022
Our super guide *** led us safely through Paris, knew a lot to tell, had great tips and made it a super experience!!! THANK YOU!!!

Leuven Highlights Tour
Erik, 20th of August 2022
*** is a wonderfully enthusiastic lady who loves Leuven and its history. She also knows how to tell that beautifully. We really had fun in Leuven thanks to the bicycle tour.

Nijmegen Highlights Tour
Truus, 19th of August 2022
It never ceases to amaze me every time how fun, informative and enjoyable it is to explore a city by bike. Nijmegen (hilly) was great, been to places and heights I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t been on a bike with a guide…. Beautiful views of the city and its surroundings, the Waal and the Ooijpolder. One very nice guide who gave a lot of information about the history of Nijmegen. Surprised that we had the bikes at our disposal all day after the bike tour. So nice, made it with a temperature of 32 degrees very pleasant to still explore by ourselves. Top day in Nijmegen.

Rotterdam Highlights Tour
Ineke, 18th of August 2022
Beautiful bicycle tour through Rotterdam. The guide enthusiastically told us a lot about Rotterdam. We got a good impression of the city.

Budapest Highlights Tour
Anneke, 17th of August 2022
On a very hot afternoon in August, *** showed us many interesting places in Budapest. *** is enthusiastic, talks about the history and also relates it to current politics. Always good to see a situation from several sides. It gives more insight into how a country/political leader acts. It makes you think. Also got an explanation of the language, learned first words of Hungarian, tips for ruin bars and places to eat, and great cycling! *** thanks for showing us all the beautiful places in Budapest, your stories and your passion for this country.

Rome With Children Tour
Veerle, 16th of August 2022
A really fun experience for us and the kids. The Dutch guide was super friendly and his story was really tailored to the kids and taking into account their interests. Despite the (welcome) rain, it was a fantastic experience where we ourselves got extra tips to do during our further stay! Only downside were the bikes for the kids … they were a bit small for our girls. But otherwise highly recommended!!!!

Barcelona Private Tour
Joke, 16th of August 2022
Super enthusiastic guide. Eye for adults and the children. Saw a lot of highlights and got good explanations. Easy to book and correct price. Worth repeating.

Lille Highlights Tour
Jannet, 14th of August 2022
Was a very pleasant ride through Lille with the guide, she gave a lot and nice information. Based on the tour, I picked out sights that I wanted to see more closely. Highly recommended. The bikes could be a bit better I have to admit.

Berlin Highlights Tour
Peter, 14th of August 2022
Nice and informative tour of the well-known points in Berlin. The guide knew how to tell a lot in a pleasant way.

Lisbon Afternoon Tour
Monique, 13th of August 2022
Nice bike tour! Gives a good first impression of Lisbon. A route without climbing was chosen, so easy to do for everyone. The guide was great. We enjoyed it.

Ghent Highlights Tour
Debbie, 12th of August 2022
Nice guide with a lot of knowledge, extra attention to street art was top!

Copenhagen Highlights Tour
Albert, 11th of August 2022
Fun and varied tour of Copenhagen. The bikes were fine. There was a break along the way so we could get something to eat or drink. The changing of the guard was well timed and because of the experience of the guide we were in the right place. Lots of information about the history of Denmark and Copenhagen and plenty of room for asking questions.

Krakow Highlights Tour
Rob, 9th of August 2022
After starting the Tour with our family, after about 20 minutes our daughter became unwell and unfortunately we had to discontinue the Tour. We were offered that when we could do the bike tour again. We did the tour two days later and it was great. *** thanks for the great tour and great stories about Krakow. *** thanks for the service and flexibility.

Brussels Highlights Tour
Els, 7th of August 2022
The guide sounds out the group’s interests beforehand and adapts himself to them. He responds to current affairs and has an extensive background knowledge of everything there is to do in Brussels. We get to places you would otherwise not get to and we get priority at the waffle row 🙂 Highly recommended for the whole family!

Paris Secrets Tour
Andy, 7th of August 2022
It was a ride through Paris with a very passionate guide! #thatsthewaywelikeit

Leeuwarden Private Tour
Rob, 6th of August 2022
We enjoyed the stories about Leeuwarden. A great city and a great guide!

Copenhagen Highlights Tour
Irene, 5th of August 2022
Interesting and knowledgeable. Guide Linda knew how to captivate us immensely.

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Saskia, 4th of August 2022
Hearty bike tour in Lisbon. You start high and descend to the river and then bike all the way to Torre de Belem. So bike tour takes no effort and you get a good view of the city. Incredibly fun, sweet, passionate and energetic guide ***.

Malaga Highlights Tour
Marjan, 3rd of August 2022
Cozy young lady ( student) knew a lot about Malaga , highly recommended , also in Seville already booked a tour with Baja Bikes. We are very satisfied and very relaxed to be able to book an e-bike.

Porto Highlights Tour
Josien, 1st of August 2022
Super fun way to get to know this beautiful city and was able to see a lot in a short time! Highly recommended! The kids would have liked to ride the e-bike longer and stop less often.

Prague Highlights Tour
Jop, 1st of August 2022
Saw all the highlights of Prague. Our guide told everything in great detail and because of our group of 14 young people the guide adapted a bit. The guide shared our humor which made the bike tour even more enjoyable.

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Renske, 31st of July 2022
Sander was a fun guide with good stories. I might have expected a little less of a straight line down the hill, but all in all a very enjoyable tour!

Bilbao Highlights Tour
Marco, 31st of July 2022
Nice tour, good guide who knew a lot about the city. We enjoyed it very much

Brussel Highlights Tour
Manon, 30th of July 2022
Highly recommended!!!! Good bikes, too bad there were no bike baskets on them, for possibly a purse and bottle of water. Great guide who showed us a lot of Maastricht!

Madrid Highlights Tour
Wendy, 28th of July 2022
We had a very nice bike tour with a cool guide who knew a lot about the city. Although the group was quite large, everyone was taken into account. The Madrilenians are not used to cyclists and you have to take that into account but for the rest this bike tour is highly recommended. You see a lot in a fun and sportive way and the guide knows fun anecdotes that you don’t find in the travel guides. For us a fixed value when doing a citytrip!

Pisa Highlights Tour
Arian, 28th of July 2022
Very satisfied, in fact it is the first thing we think of when we visit a city. From here, we can make a good selection of which items we want to look at further.

Napels Highlights Tour
Yolanda, 26th of July 2022
*** is an enthusiastic guide. She led us safely through the hustle and bustle of Naples and told great stories.

Marseille Bike Rental
Chris, 26th of July 2022
Super friendly. Good bikes. Everything fine!

Paris With Kids Tour
Eveline, 24rd of July 2022
Super fun way to explore the highlights of Paris! Very nice guide (thanks Eva) who led the group well and told fun stories about the city. Very doable with our kids of 10 and 12! Highly recommended!

Antwerpen Highlights Tour
Sander, 23rd of July 2022
As always a fun unique experience! Saw surprising sides of the city! And who doesn’t want to know where Gertje lives?

Maastricht Highlights Tour
Carolien, 22nd of July 2022
We had a very nice tour led by *** who knew how to tell us a lot about Maastricht and its history in a pleasant way.

Barcelona Highlights Tour
Priscilla, 22nd of July 2022
Bike ride with Eline. Told everything very nicely. On the way, a Spaniard ranted to her that our bikes were in the way. She solved this nicely in Spanish. We had enough moments of rest. We found a successful bike tour.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia Tour
Marina, 20th of July 2022
Was a super informative fun tour. A very spontaneous enthusiastic guide that I would recommend to anyone. A 10 for Rob!

Paris Secrets Tour
Esther, 19th of July 2022
It was a very hot day when we went cycling. Guide René made sure we could listen to his enthusiastic explanations in a shady spot everywhere and refill our water bottle at the various water points. Fun, beautiful bike tour through a different part of Paris.

Valencia Highlights Tour
Lisa, 19th of July 2022
We had a super tour! We had a nice guide who told us a lot about the city. Also, we cycled slowly and stopped often enough to drink water, which was really nice in the heat. The tour was a great way to get to know the city better! Very satisfied!

London Highlights Tour
Corrie, 18th of July 2022
Fun bike tour of London, good for cycling with kids. Explanations were informative and understandable for kids. The guide chose bike paths and quiet roads.

Krakow Highlights Tour
Anthony, 17th of July 2022
Super cool stories about both the history of buildings and parts of the city and about the polar empire itself.

Lecce Highlights Tour
Suzan, 16th of July 2022
We had not booked a tour, but rented bikes independently. Super friendly staff, who advised us many tips and beautiful places! Really top!!!

Budapest Highlights Tour
Riet, 15th of July 2022
The bike tour was fantastic. Our guide *** told a lot and with some humor about the sights in Budapest. We saw and learned a lot in 2.5 hours *** thanks!

Berlin Highlights Tour
Ruben, 15th of July 2022
You can’t have a better guide as ***! Super-enthusiastic about (his) Berlin, knows a lot about the city and can tell it in a fun way. And not entirely unimportant; thanks to his golden tip we ate the best schnitzel in Berlin!

Milan Highlights Tour
Kristien, 14th of July 2022
After a great bike tour by Baja Bikes in Rome, we immediately booked a tour of Milan. Again a great experience. I have known Milan for years, but still got to know new places. Thank you,***

Paris Highlights Tour
Noëlla, 11th of July 2022
I am very satisfied with the bicycle tour in Paris. Very nice route, enthusiastic guide who also found safety in such a metropolis important. Clear mail in advance with good description to the meeting point, I can recommend it to everyone!

Thessaloniki Highlights Tour
Jantine, 10th of July 2022
The bicycle (and partly walking) tour we did in Thessaloniki was a great success. To understand something of the city and to be able to appreciate it a bit, background knowledge is necessary. The super enthusiastic *** knew very well how to explain what happened in the past and why the city looks the way it does. Furthermore, we went to taste some goodies and *** gave a lot of tips on how to further fill our time in the city. Highly recommended to do this tour.

Athens Private Bike Tour
Ruud, 9th of July 2022
We had a city trip to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary with the kids. To get to know Athens better we booked the bike tour. This was perfectly arranged and a beautiful route with fine explanations about the history of Athens. Highly recommended to start the vacation with. The Greek yoghurt we were offered was also very tasty. Gr.

Rome Highlights Tour
Maico, 8th of July 2022
Nice variety with cycling and time to be able to see things.

Bilbao Highlights Tour
Guy, 7th of July 2022
Was a perfect addition to our visit to Bilbao. We had already explored the city on foot and now came to bikeable places around the city. Fun and sometimes funny comments and anecdotes from our guide.

Rome Panoramic Tour
Karin, 6th of July 2022
We did a super bike tour. Together with *** our guide. Learned a lot. Panoramic tour is really recommended because it doesn’t go past the standard highlights.

New York Central Park Tour
Iwan, 4th of July 2022
Nice variety with cycling and time to be able to see things.

Rome Via Appia Tour
Jurgen, 4th of July 2022
*** the guide is a top guy! A very nice tour with a very good historical explanation and knowledge. Highly recommended!!!!

Harleem Private Tour
Astrid, 2nd of July 2022
After having done a tour in Barcelona and Dublin I now did a tour in Haarlem and again I was very satisfied. This time it was a private tour but also that was great. In a month from now I will do a tour in Oslo and I am sure it will be great there too.

Amsterdam Highlights Tour
Sanne, 2nd of July 2022
We had a super fun tour by Miriam… lots of fun, new things heard about Amsterdam and lots of fun things seen. It was a really fun tour and definitely recommended.

London Highlights Tour
Erika, 1st of July 2022
The agreed meeting point was very clear. Our guide Frannie did a very nice and clear job. She had plenty of knowledge. She also guided us safely through the traffic. At our request, Frannie showed us something extra.

London Highlights Tour
Erika, 1st of July 2022
The agreed meeting point was very clear. Our guide Frannie did a very nice and clear job. She had plenty of knowledge. She also guided us safely through the traffic. At our request, Frannie showed us something extra.

Barcelona Tapas Tour
Patricia, 30th of June 2022
Had a great bike tour with tapas led by Kelly. Together with my daughter. It was a lot of fun!

Madrid Highlights Tour
Fons, 28th of June 2022
It was great, saw nice things. Anouk was great with lots of information. Really recommend to get to know the city.

Berlin Highlights Tour
Dirk, 27th of June 2022
Fine guide (Jasper), informative, playful personal commentary on city and sights, good tips for lunch and drinks.

Marrakech Highlights Tour
Herma, 26th of June 2022
Super nice bike ride through Marrakech with Kamal, fun and clear info Also the trip to the Atlas Mountains was fantastic with mo, on the camels at the argan oil and the food at his home were a super experience and definitely a must, we have enjoyed.

Dublin Highlights Tour
Karin, 24th of June 2022
Super Fun. One of the nicest things we did in Dublin. Good, fun, surprising tips and facts, super guide, Dutchman who lives in Dublin. Must do….

Paris with children Tour
Mariska, 23rd of June 2022
I did the tour with my 10-year-old son and we both enjoyed it. Especially with a guide and the small group we cycled with it was very nice. The guide knew the way and could also tell us something about the different places we came to. I would never have done this on my own.

Florence Highlights Tour
Fred, 22nd of June 2022
Excellent tour of a hot and chaotic Florence. Excellent guide (***) who is extremely knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed it, as with all our previous Baja Bikes tours.

Seville Highlights Tour
Heleen, 21st of June 2022
A very fun way to explore the city. The guide told fun facts about the highlights and knew a lot.

Utrecht Highlights Tour
Pea, 20th of June 2022
We did this tour with eight people, the guide explained everything well and told us nice things about his city. And he had also provided good weather (hahahaha) we could drink a cup of coffee, I personally would find it easier if that was included in the price. Otherwise just a nice trip, if we do another city trip I would choose something like this again.

Rotterdam Highlights Tour
Ira, 19th of June 2022
Especially in a city that you know, it is a lot of fun and surprising to cycle with a guide. What nice places we discovered in Rotterdam!

Prague Highlights Tour
Edwin, 17th of June 2022
A nice tour that gave us a good impression of the highlights of Prague. Our guide told us with great enthusiasm about the peculiarities of the city. Good bikes. A must to do.

Rome Highlights Tour
Wim, 15th of June 2022
It was a nice bicycle tour with a pleasant guide with a lot of knowledge of the city. The tips and advice were also very useful for the following days.

Porto Highlights Tour
Willy, 14th of June 2022
Nice tour with steep roads. So the e-bike comes in handy….. Seen all known hotspots. Nice guide and very service minded. He had not been that long in Porto. Did not know the answer to all questions. Afterwards still received an email with recommendations on all kinds of nice places and restaurants. Top!

Lisbon Highlights Tour
Jolanda, 13th of June 2022
Super nice bike tour with an enthusiastic guide, she told a lot about the city of Lisbon.

Seville Private Tour
Jordi, 11th of June 2022
A super nice guide who knew everything about the city. Very enthusiastic. Saw a lot of beautiful things, which was of course the purpose of the trip. Thanks a lot!

Budapest Highlights Tour + Rental
Yvonne, 10th of June 2022
We had a nice guide who told us a lot about the history and current affairs. Nice route with beautiful sights in the part of plague. Definitely recommended. The guide was experienced and knew a lot. We enjoyed ourselves.

Valencia Highlights Tour
Emmy, 7th of June 2022
We always book a citytrip with Baja, in Valencia even for the second time! Top guidance and you always see a special part of the city with nice information.

Vienna Secrets Tour
Elma, 6th of June 2022
The guide of our tour could tell a lot of interesting things about the history of Vienna. Learned a lot. Nice addition to our stay in Vienna.

Lisbon Afternoon Tour
Peter, 4th of June 2022
Very nice tour, lots of information from the guide and fun facts told. Excellent bikes.

 Valencia Highlights Tour
Ella, 3rd of June 2022
We had a very nice guide and explained everything very well, was very pleasant

Athens Highlights Tour
Martend, 3rd of June 2022
The tour was a lot of fun. The guide we had with us did a good job, a nice guy. I really recommend it. It is a nice way to get to know the city.

Rome Highlights Tour
Sonja, 1st of June 2022
We did the standard bicycle tour. Nice start to get to know the city. You cycle at a relaxed pace to the most important places. The explanation was not unnecessarily long and boring but short and lively. Lisa, the guide is half Dutch/half Italian, lives in Rome and is therefore at home there and can give some tips. The tour is ideal because it gives you a good overview of where everything is located. The tour is anything but heavy, so you certainly don’t have to be sporty to participate :-). We definitely recommend it at the beginning of your city trip in Rome.

Manhattan & Brooklyn, Highlights Tour
Miriam, 31st of May 2022
Extensive bicycle tour where you see the highlights and taste the atmosphere of different neighbourhoods by cycling through them. Eric was our guide and is very enthusiastic and makes it a pleasant trip! The hours fly by! Highly recommended!

Rome Bike Rental
Edwin, 30th of May 2022
Good solid bikes and great service. Halfway along the Via Appia outside Rome, I noticed that the battery of my e-bike was running down (too) quickly. Half an hour after my call to customer service, someone from Bici Baci came to exchange the bicycle. Top!

Porto Highlights Tour
Karin, 29th of May 2022
It was a great way to get to know Porto! Kate showed us around the city with a lot of enthusiasm and told us all sorts of interesting facts, which allowed us to get to know the city, its inhabitants and customs a bit. Absolutely recommended! ****

Valencia Highlights Tour
Peter, 27th of May 2022
Good, beautiful and clear tour done. With two enthusiastic Dutch ladies. Highly recommended!

Valencia Highlights Tour
Peter, 27th of May 2022
Good, beautiful and clear tour done. With two enthusiastic Dutch ladies. Highly recommended!

Barcelona Highlights Tour
Geert, 27th of May 2022
Very nice tour with super guide

Athene Highlights Tour
Peggy, 26th of May 2022
Nice bike tour in Athens. *** was our guide. Learned a lot from her. She was super relaxed and friendly. Also ate yoghurt with honey and walnuts. Small comment, bike of my husband was not up and running anymore. It rattled all the way. But everything else was ok.

Paris Highlights Tour
Jose, 26th of May 2022
Saw a lot of the city, nice to do on a bike! The weather was excellent.

Malaga Tapas Tour
Monique, 25th of May 2022
A very fun, sociable and delicious way to discover a city, with a super enthusiastic guide.

Barcelona Highlights Tour
Sandy, 18th of May 2022
It was fun to explore Barcelona by bike. The guide guided us very well and told us a lot about the city in an enthusiastic way. I would recommend it to everyone!

Maastricht Highlights Tour
Riny, 17th of May 2022
Good personal explanation, much knowledge. Ample opportunity to ask questions. Very interesting and got to know a lot of places you wouldn’t get to otherwise.

Budapest Highlights Tour
Teunis, 17th of May 2022
We enjoyed our Bike Tour with a very pleasant and knowledgeable guide! We can highly recommend this tour!

Florence Highlights Tour
Nathalie, 16th of May 2022
Several friends and acquaintances recommended a bicycle tour through Florence. Before we left, we had booked the Baja bicycle tour. The tour was so much fun, we enjoyed the excellent guide. She showed us many beautiful places and gave a lot of information. We think that this way of exploring a city is worth repeating!

Milan Highlights Tour
Mia, 15th of May 2022
Laura did a great job! Lots of tips, lots to see.

Malaga Tapas Tour
Nancy, 14th of May 2022
We book a bicycle tour for every city we visit. And this time, too. It was a nice trip and Anouk our guide knew a lot of fun and interesting things to tell. We got good tips that we really used. Bikes were also good. All in all, a must book.

Barcelona Highlights Tour
Linda, 13th of May 2022
Super nice guide, beautiful route! Really a nice way to explore the city. Highly recommended!

Manhattan & Brooklyn Highlights Tour
Karin, 12th of May 2022
Nice tour from down town Manhattan via Brooklyn bridge to Brooklyn and via Manhattan bridge back. Got a very nice impression of Brooklyn with interesting explanations, nice viewpoints and photo opportunities. Petra our NL guide was enthusiastic and helped well when one of us got a flat tyre. Top experience!

Antwerp Highlights Tour
Geert, 11th of May 2022
Nice tour that you can also do with younger children. You get to places like the harbour or the Begijn hof where you would not go so fast on foot, you cycle on roads with relatively little traffic and a guide can also tell you something about the places you visit.

Sagrada Familia Tour
René, 10th of May 2022
A very nice tour with the enthusiastic guide *** Passionately telling all the facts, but also fun facts. A lot of knowledge that was also presented and received in a fascinating way for the children. Despite the large group (30 people) everything was told calmly and understandably through earphones. I’m glad I booked the tour with a guide, because without a guide I think you miss the interesting things about the basilica.

Lisbon, Highlights Bike Tour
Christiane, 9th of May 2022
The tour was as described. No hills to drive up in Lisbon center. It was very busy on May 1, 2022 but the Dutch speaking guide, Sander, guided us safely through the tour. Maybe a tip, we left in Belem along the side of the river, for us there could also be a stop on the other side of Belem, at the beautiful buildings. The bike tour during our city trip in Lisbon was a very successful afternoon.

Budapest, Highlights Bike Tour + Rental
Marniek, 9th of May 2022
We had a wonderful bicycle tour. The guide was super enthusiastic and knew a lot to tell. Then we rented the bikes to explore the city further. Also nice that that was possible. Due to the enthusiasm of the guide the tour lasted an hour longer than planned. We didn’t mind but it could have been shorter if he would have told the main story a bit more. But we are very satisfied!

Bruges, Highlights Bike Tour
Marjolein, 9th of May 2022
What a great tour with the local agent in Bruges. Super nice guide who knows a lot about the city.

London, Highlights Bike Tour
Angela, 7th of May 2022
Incredibly enjoyed the bike tour of London. Great way to explore the city. A big compliment for our guide Ken, who provided us with very nice stories and news about the sights. Highly recommended, top!

Madrid, Bike Rental
Lyset, 1st of May 2022
We rented 2 bicycles to go cycling ourselves. The bikes were very nice. Decent city bikes with 7 gears. We received good explanation of the traffic rules and some tips for fun places to cycle.

Lisbon, Highlights Bike Tour
Willem, 6th of May 2022
Guide Irma is a seasoned tour guide that you can tell from everything. She tells everything loud and clear. Also gives lots of extra tips.

Krakow, Highlights Bike Tour
Annemarie, 4th of May 2022
Super enthusiastic guide, got to see all the highlights of Cracow with a nice story. Cycling through Krakow is really relaxed

Nice, Highlights Bike Tour
Annemarie, 4th of May 2022
Did a wonderful bike tour on April 27 with lots of tips from the tour guide. We enjoyed ourselves.

Porto, Bike rental
Judith, 4th of May 2022
We cycled on our own. It would have been nice if Baja bikes had made suggestions for places of interest. The electric support was very good.

Prague, Highlights Bike Tour
Ernst, 3rd of May 2022
Great tour. Roos told well and clearly about all the sights. She inspired us to spend our other days in the city. A beautiful experience.

Utrecht, Highlights Bike Tour
Wendy, 1st of May 2022
Nice way to get to know Utrecht.

London, Highlights Bike Tour
Demi, 1st of May 2022
It was mega fun to see so much of London in a short time, really worth it! 1 tip though the guide says stroke the statue of the cat for luck, do that. As a matter of fact our flight was cancelled an hour after.

Valencia, Highlights Bike Tour + Bike rental
Martin, 30th of April 2022
The tour was easy to book, followed by clear arrangements. Excellent bikes, which were quickly adjusted upon request. Through guide Machiel and his tablet, we were updated on the selected sights of Valencia.

Seville, Highlights Bike Tour
Joan, 29th of April 2022
Was fun again, nice guide along beautiful highlights of Seville top.

Paris, Highlights Bike Tour
Cindy, 18th of April 2022
Very nice bike tour. Our guide gave good explanations of the sights and gave us great tips on restaurants. Definitely recommended.

Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour
Pascalle, 29th of April 2022
Neatly clean bikes. Possibility to take along carrier straps and gloves (for the cold). Our guide, Marieke, told us a lot and knew exactly how to arrange the program so that it suited the group and we did not stand in the same place as all the other groups. It was great!

Vienna, Highlights Bike Tour
J.L., 28th of April 2022
Very informative, a really recommendable! Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere during the tour.

Copenhagen, Highlights Bike Tour
Bert, 26th of April 2022
Guide René gave nice impression of how and what in Copenhagen. Like Black Diamond. We did walk past it but thanks to him we also saw the inside. Very surprising. Glad we booked this! Highly recommended!

Madrid, Highlights Bike Tour
Ingrid, 25th of April 2022
Was great

Paris, Highlights Bike Tour
Sabine, 24th of April 2022
Super fun to do! You hear and see other things than from the books. The guide knew a lot about the city, could tell it well. And the material was generally fine.

Rome, Highlights Bike Tour
Kim, 24th of April 2022
Ideal with family, saw a lot in a short time, great guide.

Paris, Highlights Bike Tour
Ger-Jan, 22nd of April 2022
It was in 1 word great. Super to experience Paris from the bike. We felt like Parisians with the Parisians. Dominique as a guide also took all the time to let us see everywhere and provide us with tips to go. Our adolescents of 12 and 17 didn’t have much of an appetite for it, but they were both really excited.

Barcelona, Highlights Bike Tour
Lydia, 21st of April 2022
Biking through Barcelona was a fun experience. Guide *** told us enthusiastically about the city. The bikes were fine and we had great weather. Departure point easy to reach by bus. Close to the port and the Ramblas.

Paris, Highlights Bike Tour
Cindy, 18th of April 2022
Very nice bike tour. Our guide gave good explanations of the sights and gave us great tips on restaurants. Definitely recommended.

Rome, Highlights Bike Tour
Martine, 16th of April 2022
It was a very nice bike tour through Rome, partly due to our host who could tell very fascinatingly about all the highlights.

Porto, Highlights Bike Tour
Dominique, 15th of April 2022
We have been doing city trips for several years now. We always make use of the baja bikes offer. We always book them shortly after arrival. Very nice to explore the city and get tips from Dutch-speaking guides. That way we know which places we definitely want to go back to and must have seen. Remains for us a ‘to do’ when booking a city trip!

Napels, Highlights Bike Tour
Brigitte, 15th of April 2022
Dutch guide Leny told great stories very enthusiastic and nice . Tour good to be able to orientate in the city for the following days . definitely start on your 1st day in Naples.

Paris, Highlights Bike Tour
Nele, 14th of April 2022
Very good guide. Nice, interesting facts about Paris. Definitely recommend – on our next city trip to another city we will book a bike tour with you again!

Athens, Highlights Bike Tour
Nelie, 12th of April 2022
Very nice to see a lot and the lady (forgot her name) who did the bicycle tour had all the time to show us everything.

Brussels, Highlights Bike Tour
Wim, 11th of April 2022
Nice to get to know the lesser known places in Brussels.

Rotterdam, Highlights Bike Tour
Andre, 10th of April 2022
Good guide with a nice Rotterdam accent who tells enthusiastically. Good route with many highlights and the most important sights. 15 minute break too short to go to the toilet in the Market Hall and to get coffee and drink it. A while back I also cycled along and had a break on the terrace near the Laurenskerk. I found that a better place to take a break. It also connects the group more.

Porto, Highlights Bike Tour
Dieuwke, 8th of April 2022
Enjoyed the tour immensely, a round that is just doable with the electric bike. Thank you to our very thoughtful guide Kat!

Athens, Highlights Bike Tour
Rian, 7th of April 2022
It was really a fantastic tour with TOP guide Joost. Who apart from a fantastic story, with a lot of knowledge of what we visited, also knew how to tell it in a very “tasty” way. Our attention never wavered. For him it was a difficult tour, up to 3 times bike trouble and incident which he solved quickly and well. We have been on several excursions with Baja Bikes but this was the best of them all. 10+

Cordoba, Highlights Bike Tour
Danielle, 6th of April 2022
Biking with baja bikes is always 1 of the most fun parts of our city trips, actually a must do. Nice guide , nice tour really recommended.

Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour
Sandra, 6th of April 2022
I was apprehensive about the distance cycling, but the tour turned out super well. The group was not too big. Our guide did a great job, it was very interesting and informative. I would recommend it to everyone.

Ronda, Highlights Bike Tour
Henk, 4th of April 2022
Had a fantastic fun tour with Peter. Knows a lot about the city and can convey this in a fun way. Enjoyed it very much!

Lisbon, Highlights Bike Tour
Tine, 3rd of April 2022
The bicycle is an ideal mode of transport to discover all the nice places. The route is chosen so that the sporting activity is kept to a minimum and you can enjoy the surroundings. I was 5 months pregnant but did not have to make any extra effort to join the group. The stops are regular and very informative. The surprises along the way make it a real introduction to Lisbon. Definitely a must to do in the beginning of your vacation so you have inspiration where to go in the next days.

Seville, Highlights Bike Tour + bike rental
Gerritje, 2nd of April 2022
It was our first bike tour and definitely in another city for repeat. The guide gave clear explanations. We did this on the first day and so you immediately know where you want to go.

Madrid, Bernabeau Bike Tour
Bert, 1st of April 2022
Top Good guide, nice tour, highly recommended. You can see a lot in a relatively short time.

Budapest, Highlights Bike Tour
Bart, 1st of April 2022
Had a fantastic fun tour with Peter. Knows a lot about the city and can convey this in a fun way. Enjoyed it very much!

Ghent, Private Bike Tour
Debby, 31st of March 2022
Had a great tour with Tim. He tells a lot-and in a fun way- everything about the city.

Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour
Margriet, 29th of March 2022
I thought it was super with a very fun, entertaining and knowledgeable guide! Couldn’t have been better as far as I was concerned! Learned a lot and got the history of Berlin explained in a nutshell!

Krakow, Highlights Bike Tour
Marianne, 28th of March 2022
The bike tour was great! Saw a lot, learned a lot.

Rome, Highlights Bike Tour
Andre, 27th of March 2022
3 hour bike tour with Dutch speaking guide was Top. In various points in the city was told about the place the history etc. In this way you saw the city of Rome in a different way. Definitely a must.

Malaga, Highlights Bike Tour
Marlies, 25th of March 2022
We liked the tour of Malaga, beautiful city!, with guide *** very much! Enthusiastic young woman who showed us the nice things of the city and also took into account that the market halls, restaurants, bars were still open, things we liked. We booked this as a small group of 4 people, highly recommended as far as we are concerned. A suggestion … There are many murals in the city, some we have seen, but even more and the stories behind them would be even nicer! So …. book

Lisbon, Highlights Bike Tour
Esther, 25th of March 2022
Enthusiastic guide who was totally in tune with the group! History, facts, photo opportunities and tips made the tour varied and fun. Recommended.

Curacao, Mountain Bike Tour
Veronique, 22nd of March 2022
It was a tougher ride than we normally do at Baja Bikes, though. Usually the tours are in cities, this was nature with climbs, so it requires a little more. But our condition is not top notch, so that will vary from person to person. The equipment was tiptop! Never experienced so good. The guides professional and we were well looked after and given good advice, plus we learned a bit about the history. It was definitely recommended and we thought it was a very enjoyable experience!!!

Lille, Highlights Bike Tour
Els, 21st of March 2022
Fine calm guide with lots of extra facts about Lille gone home.

Madrid, Highlights Bike Tour
Karin, 20th of March 2022
It was a very nice tour along many highlights of Madrid. Guide Lotte knew how to tell a lot. The tour goes up hill, down hill, but that is easy to do.

Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour
Juliette, 19th of March 2022
It was fantastic again, we have cycled with Baja Bikes before. It’s great, the guide always knows a lot to tell and you get a good impression of the city.

Lisbon, Highlights Bike Tour
Marcel, 19th of March 2022
Very nice tour. Incredibly enthusiastic guide who tells many interesting facts about Lisbon. Bike tour is excellent to do , with only downhill riding. In summary, very worthwhile.

Milan, Highlights Bike Tour
Stefan, 19th of March 2022
Top tour. Saw all the skylines of Milan by bike. Also very informative stories from the guide. Even got time to drink something on the way. Definitely a must.

Rome, Bike rental
Diana, 18th of March 2022
No tour done but for 4 days bikes rented. Great bike neatly helped at the desk. We lost a bike key and after a call a gentleman came on a scooter to help us. We were on the other side of town but within 15 minutes the saviour was there to help us. Thanks again.

Seville, Highlights Bike Tour
Ineke, 16th of March 2022
Tour was excellently organised. Good bikes and an excellent Dutch speaking lady as guide. This is the right way to discover a great city like Seville from all its beautiful spots. We enjoyed it!

Porto, Highlights Bike Tour
John, 15th of March 2022
We thought the tour was great! In a short time we visited all the highlights of Porto on excellent e-bikes. The guide *** gave a lot of information and paid good attention to the group. We highly recommend this bike tour!

Valencia, Highlights Bike Tour
Rob, 14th of March 2022
Great tour, easy to do even if you’re not an avid cyclist. Enthusiastic guide who could tell a lot about the city in a fun way. Also received great tips and tricks. Definitely recommended to get a better picture of the city in a fun way.

Vienna, Highlights Bike Tour
Gerrie, 14th of March 2022
Made a nice educational bike tour through beautiful Vienna. With the bike, good guide and sunshine you see and hear a lot in 3 hours. Good new bikes.

Milan, Private Bike Tour
Eline, 4th of March 2022
Very nice morning during the Baja bikes bicycle tour. In 3 hours we got a good impression of Milan and heard interesting stories and explanations of the guide. The guide sensed well what information was interesting for us, told this in a pleasant way and had a pleasant (cycling) pace. Cycling equipment was also in good order. Definitely a must!

Paris, Highlights Bike Tour
Ellen, 11th of March 2022
Fun way to get to know the city. Nice guide who knew a lot of interesting facts. Cycling through Paris is good and safe. Group was not too big.

Lisbon, Highlights Bike Tour
Jeanette, 11th of March 2022
Very nice bike tour. Very enthusiastic and sweet guide who really did her best to make everyone happy. Got a lot of tips that we used for the rest of our trip in Lisbon. Really enjoyed it!

Rome, Highlights Bike Tour
Irma, 10th of March 2022
Very nice to discover the city of Rome by bike. Our Belgian Guide was also very nice to listen to. In short, get on that bike from Bajabikes and let yourself be amazed!

Barcelona, Highlights Bike Tour
Franky, 9th of March 2022
First time using Baja bikes and I look back very satisfied. Our guide was excellent. A perfect way to explore a city like Barçelona.

Seville, Highlights Bike Tour
Marie-Jose, 8th of March 2022
Teun is a very good guide, who knew how to tell us a lot about Seville and with humor.

Lisbon, Highlights Bike Tour
Danielle, 4th of March 2022
Great experience, little to complain about, was fun

Rome, Highlights Bike Tour
Luiza, 3rd of March 2022
Clear site, nice that you don’t have to pay right away and that you can easily cancel or reschedule. Wasn’t necessary in our case, but nice that the possibility is there. Location well described and everything is correct!

Porto, Highlights Bike Tour
Linda, 3rd of March 2022
It was a very nice tour to do in Porto. There was a lot of information and tips given about what to do and where to eat. It was a very successful morning!

Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour
Jacqueline, 1st of March 2022
Relaxed booking conditions, cancellation in case of rain etc. Tour we had in Berlin was very good.

Rome, Highlights Bike Tour
Andre, 27th of February 2022
The guide showed us many beautiful places with the appropriate story. One day later they. We went back to a few places by metro. Excellent!

Valencia, Highlights Bike Tour
Patrick, 26th of February 2022
Very spontaneous and pleasant guide. very friendly lady the tour was really a must! Top!

Malaga, Highlights Bike Tour
Dick, 25th of February 2022
Very nice bicycle tour. Lisanne took us to the nicest places and told us a lot. Highly recommended to explore the city in a fun way.

Barcelona, Highlights Bike Tour
Sjaak, 25th of February 2022
I am very satisfied with the establishment of the contact via the Internet, the finding of the address in Barcelona, the contact with the staff and with the guide, the preparation of the bicycle and the content of the tour along some highlights of Barcelona. Great and keep it up!

Malaga, Highlights Bike Tour
Marian, 21st of February 2022
I have booked a bike tour with Baja about 5 times throughout Europe. Never had a bad experience. Nice organisation.

Rome, Highlights Bike Tour
Henk, 19th of February 2022
Great tour again after having done several cities. In Rome, too, we had a great tour with a very knowledgeable and kind guide, also named Henk! On to the next tour in March to Lisbon.

Barcelona, Highlights Bike Tour
Romy, 18th of February 2022
It was all well organised.

Seville, Highlights Bike Tour
Leontine, 17th of February 2022
The guide was great! He had a sense of humour and knew a lot. The pace was ok and Seville is a beautiful and great city to cycle in.

Barcelona, Highlights Bike Tour
Jacqueline, 14th of February 2022
A little extra makes you feel pampered as a tour participant. I keep coming back for a tour in my own language by a native of the city I am visiting. (Being a bit deaf and in a different language often makes it difficult to follow the stories). A tour of Baja Bikes is always an added value.

Groningen, Highlights Bike Tour
Silvia, 13th of February 2022
We always choose a bicycle tour by Baja Bikes for a city trip. It is a fun way to discover the highlights of a city. We know it is always well organized, start on time and with a guide who knows a lot about the city.

Rome, Highlights Bike Tour
Lotte, 13th of February 2022
Clear site and many offers.

Seville, Highlights Bike Tour
Paula, 11th of February 2022
Always satisfied with Baja Bikes. I have also done a tour in Prague and Bangkok. Always satisfied so far.

Barcelona, Highlights Bike Tour
Erwin, 9th of February 2022
Informative tour with good bikes. Not too short and not too long. We like it this way.

Malaga, Highlights Bike Tour and Bike rental
Anja, 6th of February 2022
Good quality bikes. With the guide, you see other parts of a city than you do on your own.

Budapest, Highlights Bike Tour
Stijn, 5th of February 2022
Guide Peter really takes his guests with him. Not only literally with the bicycle through the parts of Pest but also with the story of the city, the country, its culture, its language and so much more. Top.

Valencia, Bike rental
Sandra, 2nd of February 2022
Everything was arranged down to the last detail. Relaxed atmosphere, easy to find and picking up and returning the bikes was very smooth and fast. Worth repeating!

Seville, Bike rental
Jolanda, 30th of January 2022
We had a nice bike tour right through Seville. The pace was pleasant and the guide Steffi was a nice girl who showed us a lot. Nice break from our weekend trip in Seville!

Brussel, Highlights Bike Tour
Pieter, 29th of January 2022
Very friendly guide who told a lot of interesting facts and showed us the sights!

Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour
Wendy, 28th of January 2022
The bicycle tour was a great way to see the highlights of Berlin. Especially with the enthusiastic support and interesting stories of our guide Rogier!

Sevilla, Highlights Bike Tour
Lisa, 28th of January 2022
Super fun bike tour that was just long enough. Very nice guide!

Madrid, Highlights Bike Tour
Jacques, 25th of January 2022
An instructive tour of almost three hours through the centre, led by the enthusiastic Carolien.

Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour
Henriette, 22nd of January 2022
Good service, everything was clear, also the tips in advance by e-mail were useful.

Lisbon, Highlights Bike Tour
Jeanette, 22nd of January 2022
Easy to book. Appointments are kept. Guides are always fine and so are the bikes.

Paris, Highlights Bike Tour
Antiny, 17th of January 2022
We were very satisfied with everything. The communication beforehand, the tour guide Rene (friendly and knew how to tell and answer many questions), the route (was of excellent length), the bikes! In short, highly recommended! And we had received a nice dinner tip, close to the start/end point.

Alicante, Highlights Bike Tour
Cees, 15th of January 2022
Fine city bikes and tires pumped up a little more. Bottle of water for the road. Well arranged.

Valencia, Highlights Bike Tour
Petra, 12th of January 2022
Alvaro is a nice guide. He does the tour in a nice casual way. A relaxed opportunity to get to know the city a little better.

Ibiza, Highlights Bike Tour
Lisanne, 12th of January 2022
Fast and friendly service.

Utrecht, Highlights Bike Tour
Pea, 20th of January 2022
We did this tour with eight people, the guide explained everything well and told us nice things about his city. And he had also provided good weather (hahahaha) we could drink a cup of coffee, I personally would find it easier if that was included in the price. Otherwise just a nice trip, if we do another city trip I would choose something like this again.

Prague, Highlights Bike Tour
Sabine, 10th of January 2022
We have already done alot of bike tours through Baja Bikes and they are always fun tours!

Barcelona, Highlights Bike Tour
Bianca, 8th of January 2022
Great tour! And Mathieu knows an incredible amount!

Athens, Highlights Bike Tour
Ingrid, 6th of January 2022
Starting to discover the city with a bicycle tour is a standard part of our programme. Apart from the fact that it is great fun on a bicycle, you will have a good impression of the city after half a day.

Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour
Paulien, 4th of January 2022
Great bikes, the location was easy to find (at the Kulturbrauerei) and we were well helped with the selection and the raising of the saddle.

Paris, Highlights Bike Tour
Brecht, 2nd of January 2022
An easy way to see a lot. It was very instructive for the children.

Athens, Private tour
Wendy, 1st of January 2022
From start to finish, everything is well organised! We really enjoyed the tour! The guide told beautiful and interesting stories about Athens! We are very satisfied!

Seville, Highlights Bike tour
Sandy, 30th of December 2021
Baja Bikes is top in every city in the world! Highly recommended.

Krakow, Secrets Bike tour
Getty, 27th of December 2021
Perfectly organised. Nice Dutch speaking guide with a lot of knowledge about the history of Krakow.

Seville, Highlights Bike tour
Hans, 24th of December 2021
This is a sympathetic way to see the highlights of Seville in a short time. Bicycles are fine, the guide is nice, and the price is reasonable.

Valencia, Bike rental
Annelique, 21st of December 2021
We had a good bike, friendly reception and good service!

Paris, Highlights Bike tour
Caro, 18th of December 2021
Fun bike tour that lets you see a lot of Paris in no time! Our guide was helpful and knowledgeable. She knew how to explain the background of all the sights and tell great stories. We had a great time!

Malaga, Bike rental
Leen, 17th of December 2021
As always, we were very satisfied with the service of Baja Bikes. They gave us a nice map and a good explanation of the possible cycling routes. We rented 7 electric bikes, however there was one bike that did not work very well (problems with the battery) and when we reported this at the delivery of the bikes, they immediately refunded one bike without us asking. The other 6 bikes were great!

Barcelona, Highlights Bike tour
Joris, 13th of December 2021
Great tour and tourguide Kelly. In your own language at places where I otherwise never would have been. Safe instructions and bike path carefully plotted. Not expensive and we are still talking about it at home. Thanks Baja bikes for this unforgettable experience.

Madrid, Highlights Bike tour
Margot, 10th of December 2021
What a fantastic way to get to know a city. And that under the inspiring leadership of our guide. Highly recommended.

Valencia, Highlights Bike tour
Miriam, 10th of December 2021
On Friday 3 December at 11am, I did a very nice bike tour through Valencia under the very pleasant guidance of Chantal. The tour took us along a beautiful route with many sights about which Chantal told us very passionately. We also got some nice tips on the way and after the tour about nice restaurants. Well, I have visited them all and have indeed eaten deliciously.

Malaga, Bike rental
Hans, 8th of December 2021
Great bikes for our trip along the coast, and when we got a puncture, all it took was one phone call for the bike mechanic to come and fix it.

Rome, Highlights Bike tour
Jan, 7th of December 2021
Great tour to cycle along the highlights, with lots of explanation.

Madrid, Highlights Bike tour
Bregine, 5th of December 2021
Baja bikes is always good, no matter which city.

Malaga, Highlights Bike tour
Marie, 1st of December 2021
Well managed

Budapest, Bike tour
Nita, 28th of November 2021
Quickly arranged, very good telephone contact, helpful and solution-oriented. And the guides are very attentive to traffic. In Budapest, we noticed that motorists were very considerate of cyclists and always gave way. I will look for Baja Tours again on my next city trip!

Malaga, Bike tour
Hans, 24th of November 2021
Great bikes for our trip along the coast, and when we got a puncture, all it took was one phone call for the bike mechanic to come and fix it.

Madrid,Bike tour
Saskia, 20th of November 2021
Neat bikes with gears and double brakes. Super in madrid.

Prague,Bike tour
Marian, 19th of November 2021
It was very nice and interesting. Good guide

Lille, Bike tour
Sander, 17th of November 2021
Well done! Quickly accessible

Rotterdam,Bike tour
Pamela, 14th of November 2021
It was a super tour with good service

Barcelona,Bike tour
Dick, 10th of November 2021
Experience is fine. Easy to book. Good information about the meeting place. Knowledgeable guides and good bikes.

Budapest,Bike tour
Theo, 7th of November 2021
Always good arranged

Sevilla, Bike tour
Judith, 5th of November 2021
Good info beforehand and super fun bike tour

Alicante, Bike tour
Mirjam, 1st of November 2021
Explore the city by bike instead of wandering around for hours. The enthusiastic guide will show you the highlights of the city, will tell you where to find nice places to eat and will tell you fun and interesting things. Highly recommended!

Istanbul,Bike tour
Pike, 31st of October 2021
It is a great way to get to know the city. We recommend everyone to start your visit with this, if only for the tips about places of interest and other important things for tourists.

Prague,Bike tour
Jolanda, 29th of October 2021
We always really enjoy exploring a city by bike, because the guide often knows some extra nice places and does not only tell you things that can be found in the history books. This was also the case this time in Prague!

Barcelona,Bike tour
Bart, 28th of October 2021
Always top-notch

Rome,Bike tour
Bill, 25th of October 2021
You will visit places with the best views and hear about the facts from the guide

Berlin,Bike tour
Pim, 20th of October 2021
Book in advance and always great tours through Baja

Budapest,Bike tour
Irene, 19th of October 2021
Fantastic service. Keep it up.

Berlin,Bike tour
Gerlof, 17th of October 2021
Knowledge guide was fine, customer friendly

Barcelona,Bike tour
Gerry, 14th of October 2021
For those who read this review: DO IT

Athens,Bike tour
Marjan, 10th of October 2021
Easy to book. Good value for money. Nice guidance and felt safe to cycle around Athens with kids.

Seville,Bike tour
Sylvie, 8th of October 2021
Let it remain a celebration for the participants but especially for the guides. I hope the guides will not lose their spontaneity.

Lisbon,Bike tour
Petra, 2th of October 2021
Easy to book via the site. You can change or cancel at any time. Also nice that you can contact us by phone if you are a bit late.

Seville,Bike tour
Joanna, 27th of September 2019
We enjoyed a (private) bike tour with Daniel. We learned so much and saw so many great sights in the three hour tour. We asked lots of questions, and learned lots of history. Sevilla is a beautiful, exciting town with lots to talk about and see. Thanks for a wonderful tour! Highly recommend!

Lisbon,Bike tour
Ann, 23th of July 2019
Our guide Maja was very passionate about Lissabon, learned a lot about the history. Had a wonderful tour and got to see Belem as well.

Rome,Bike tour
Fernando, 20th of July 2019
Me and my boyfriend had the fortune of being alone with our guide for an excellent 3 hour tour of Rome. Roberto showed us the famous spots as well as some more curious and unusual sights and was a most passionate and entertaining guide. We will be back!

Barcelona,Bike tour
Victoria, 18th of July 2019
We did the Bike tour in Barcelona – Chris was our Gide.
Even though it was just my Partner and me – the tour was still happening! –
So we had our private tour with Chris as our tourgide. We planned on doing the tour in english but chris was also speaking german wich was even better !
This was defenatly the highlight of our Barcelona stay!
We can just highly reccomend to to such a bike tour with Baja bikes – and especially with CHRIS! awesome Job !

Lisbon,Bike tour
Maria, 2nd of July 2019
Despite the fact we aren’t the most professional cyclists the tour was easy and enjoyable. Our guide Katya was not only knowledgable about Lisbon but very passionate about its history and friendly. She also helped us to avoid ‘tourist bait’ so that we had the best possible experience with value for money.

Barcelona,Bike tour
Jess, 28th of June 2019
Had a blast going on the bike tour through barcelona. You will visit all the highlights and the guide explains something about all the highlights you visit.

Prague, Beer Bike tour
Simon, 20th of June 2019
Had a blast going on the bike tour through barcelona. You will visit all the highlights and the guide explains something about all the highlights you visit.
The beer tour was a real nice mix of history, goofing off and actually drinking… That guide Nikki nailed it!

London, Bike tour
Roger, 17th of June 2019
My 10 year old daughter and I ended up with a private tour due to the rainy weather. I really can’t compliment the guide enough. My daughter is quite shy, the guide constantly engaged her continually throughout the tour, asking her questions and informing her about the various sites in the heart of the city. I would definitely recommend this tour over a conventional walking tour of the city, You can see more in a shorter period of time. Our guide was quite knowledgeable.

Rome, Bike tour
Josh, 25th of May 2019
We had booked a three hour tour around Rome.
The guide Max (Dutch tourguide) was very good in telling the history of the city and was also helpfull with questions from us.

Valencia, Bike tour
Jack, 18th of May 2019
Great nice tour, with Dutch tour guide.
Thanks Suzanne for sharing your knowledge of Valencia and its history in such a pleasant way. After Sevilla was the Baja tour Valencia also a succes

Rome, Bike tour
William, 5th of May 2019
This is a great way to entertain your kids in Rome. A quick tour to the poi’s of Rome with a small explanation of what you’re looking at.

Barcelona,Bike tour
Rene, 12th of November 2018
Super trip, must do!
The perfect way to explore Barcelona and most interesting places. Our very pleasant and knowledgeable guide showed us the locations with the interesting works from Gaudi (incl the Cathedral)

Lisbon,Bike tour
Rodrigo, 20th of October 2018
I took this tour with my family. It was an easy track, lots of beautiful places to see.
Totally worth it. They have tandem, tag along, good bikes. If you want to do something different with your kids this should be it.

Londe,Secrets Bike tour
Natalie, 19th of August 2018
Very nice tour, quality bikes, a good cycling pace and lots of interesting things to see.
Guide was really experienced and had a lot of good stories to tell. Children (14 &12 years old) loved it too.

Granada,Highlights Bike tour
Mandy, 3th Agust 2018
What a great way to see Granada! 3 fantastic 3 hours on an electric bike. Our guide Frabisio was amazing he spoke great English and had a great knowledge of Granada. The views from the top were amazing and don’t think we would have seen half of the places without the bikes. Highlight was stopping at the closed monestary to buy cakes! Fabrisio also gave us fantastic recommendations for food and the Roman baths which we both loved. Highly recommend Bajabikes Granada

Lisbon,Highlights Bike tour
John, 6th June 2018
This is a good way to spend a relaxed morning. Alex is a very good guide who showed us a selection of sites near the centre and provided an amusing commentary. The cycling is easy and leisurely – mostly downhill with a few short gentle uphill sections.

Barcelona,Highlights Bike tour
Ira, 2th June 2018
We went on the 3 hour highlights of Barcelona tour with June as our tour guide and had a really great time 🙂 He is super knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the history of Barcelona and Spain, and made the 3 hours feel like no time at all. I would totally recommend this tour and June as a guide for anyone wanting to take a bike tour of Barcelona!

Praag,Highlights Bike tour
Julia, 10th March 2018
Obviously a great way to explore the city. During a 2.5 h tour with – in our case Dutch guide Nancy – you visit some of the highlights in district 1. Jewish district, concert building. Some history lessons but mainly visiting nice places around the Charles Bridge. Very relaxing tour – easy pace and safe. Bikes are good and well maintained.
You pay 25€ for 2.5h. Not cheap. Alternatively rent a bike and explore a larger area your self.

Barcelona,Highlights Bike tour
Annika, 3th March 2018
The tour itself was great. We got to see a lot and the tourguide had great knowledge and background information about the city and the sights. We also really liked that he gave his personal opinin on some of the things like is it worth it paying the entrance for certain sights. Our tourguide was really nice but he was riding pretty fast and some people had troubles keeping up. After the tour we rented the bikes and it was really great how much effort they put in finding the fitting bike for everyone. They were also really flexible so we didnt have to decide on when we would bring the bikes back. The bikes were good and safe.

Barcelona,Highlights Bike tour
Kenny, 28th February 2018
We booked an English speaking bike tour. There were just 5 of us and our guide was Al. The tour was about 3 hours long with a small break in the middle. We learned some interesting facts and also some “legends”. Bikes were easy to manage and it was a great way to get to know the city. Al made sure we were always together although our group were all fit and well able for the trip. Would recommend

Valencia,Highlights Bike tour
Dorota, 24th February 2018
Excellent tour. Guide was very knowledgeable and spoke perfect English. Route was nicely plan. Bikes were great quality. I strongly recommend this place.

Rome,Highlights Bike tour
Glen, 12th February 2018
Super helpful guide, great way to view the major sights. You dont need to be super fit to take this tour, it was not too hard work.

Barcelona,Highlights Bike tour
Annika,10th February 2018
The tour itself was great. We got to see a lot and the tourguide had great knowledge and background information about the city and the sights. We also really liked that he gave his personal opinin on some of the things like is it worth it paying the entrance for certain sights.

Berlin, Wall Bike tour
Tom,4th February 2018
We took the Berlin Wall tour of 3.5hours. Our guide was a local, Heinrich, which hae very interesting and personal stories to tell about the years during the Berlin wall. I would highly recommend this tour for everyone visiting Berlin and wants to hear all about the rich history and also personal stories!

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Bob,20th December 2017
We took the highlights of Berlin cycle tour. The tour exceeded our expectations. We had a Dutch tour guide which was energetic, incredibly knowledgeable on Berlin and its history and cycled in a Dutch ie non-boring way. This cycle tour was the highlight of our weekend trip to Berlin. A strong recommendation!

Lisbon,Highlights Bike tour
Sandra,15th December 2017
We had done the traditional bus trip in Lisbon which was boring and commentary did not work so was looking for something different. We have our own electric bikes and Baja were wonderful. Trip was 3 hours and saw all the important sites in Seville apart from Bullring. Al was our guide and he was excellent.

Valencia,Highlights Bike tour
Kenny,13th December 2017
We booked an English speaking bike tour. There were just 5 of us and our guide was Al. The tour was about 3 hours long with a small break in the middle. We learned some interesting facts and also some “legends”. Bikes were easy to manage and it was a great way to get to know the city. Al made sure we were always together although our group were all fit and well able for the trip. Would recommend

Malaga,Highlights Bike tour
Albert,11th December 2017
Great to see the highlights of Malaga with our Dutch host Sjors. His knowledge of the city was good and broad. Also the future plans and improvements was great! At the end he gave also a list bars & restaurants to visit with awareness of price and quality. Great start of exploring this city!

Malaga,Highlights Bike tour
Zahra,8th December 2017
We had a great tour with Carlijn, the sweetest girl. She told us a lot about the history of Malaga, gave us good foodtips and showed us Malaga! A 3 hour tour with all the highlights!! Thanks Carlijn!! We loved Malaga!

Malaga,Highlights Bike tour
Marion,2th December 2017
Super way to get to know Malaga. We were led expertly by Jose, who speaks English and German. We saw the highlights of the city, before heading out along the sea front to a point with an amazing view of the whole bay of Malaga.

Barcelona,Highlights Bike tour
Veronice,22th August 2017
We did our tour with our 2 adult daughters, Claudio our guide was of similar age to our daughter and our tour exceeded our expectations. Although very hot the tour was well paced and Claudio’s knowledge of history and Barcelona in general was fantastic. He was interesting and fun, a most enjoyable tour. A private tour with our family was…

Vienna,Highlights Bike tour
Rudolf,20th August 2017
We had an amazing guide. You see all the highlights of the city and, even in summer time, it’s really ok to drive by bike.

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Mandy,14th August 2017
Had a wonderful bike tour with a Dutch guide (Hans) who had a great knowledge

Lisbon,Highlights Bike tour
Hans,18th August 2017
A very great tour through Lisboa with a bike.
We had a very good gide, who told us a lot of Portugal and Lisboa.
On a bike you will discover parts of the City you will never see by foot
If you are in Lisboa, this i can recomment.

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Mandy,18th May 2017
Had a wonderful bike tour with a Dutch guide (Hans) who had a great knowledge

Madrid,Highlights Bike tour
Gaelle,21th May 2017
We spent 3 days in Madrid and booked this trip (3 hours) on the last day. We should definitely have done it on the first day in order to get a good understanding of the city, and in order to know where to go next, depending on personal preferences. Our Dutch guide Michael was very knowledgeable and friendly, and we had fun with our fellow travellers (we were the only Belgians among the Dutch). The way he explained the history of Madrid and Spain in relation to Belgium and the Netherlands was extremely interesting. And riding a bike in the sun is always great!!! By the way the bikes were of very high quality, super comfortable.

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Sandra,13th May 2017
Had a wonderful bike tour with a Dutch guide (Hans) who had a great knowledge of the highlights of Berlin. Good bikes available.
This is the way to get to know the city of Berlin. We took the 3.5 hour highlights-tour.
Baja bikes/Berlin-on-Bike is situated in the Kultur-Brauerei, which is worth the visit with its weekly streetfood festival (on Sundays).

Malaga,Highlights Bike tour
Robbert,9th May 2017
We were in Marbella for a week and wanted to visit Malaga. Contacting Baja is easy. Great website and very responsive to whatsapp. Our tourguide Carlijn was a Dutch native. And since there were no other customers we got a three hour private bike tour! Carlijn was friendly and knowledgeable. She is passionate for the city, which was extra fun for us. We had a great time, even some time to stop for a drink and a byte at the local market. Highly recommended!

Rome,Highlights Bike tour
Frances,4th May 2017
One of the best ways to get around Rome and to see, feel and experience the city, up close and personal. It was a comfortable three hour ride, no hills, mostly flat (what a pleasant surprise!). Much of the ride was through piazzas, small streets and alleyways, and past major tourist attractions like the Colosseum. If we had to share the road with traffic our guide always forewarned us and took care with us. Or, in a particularly busy spot, we all got off the bikes and walked along the pavements until we reached a safer place. Lots of great photo opportunities along the way. This was a great activity for our family of four, and our two young teenage daughters were surprised by how much they enjoyed it. It cost around 100 euro for four of us. It was worth it! .

Barcelona,Highlights Bike tour
Emily,2nd May 2017
We booked a tour for our first day in Barcelona since this was our first time here. This is really the best way to get to know the city. Our guide took us on a big loop and provided great commentary and everything we saw. The city is mainly flat so the riding was easy. After this tour, we were so comfortable walking around as if we had been in Barcelona for weeks. It is a great city for cycling. We went back here and rented on our own for an afternoon of riding along the beach. FUN!

Lisbon,Highlights Bike tour
Hans,25th April 2017
We made a bike trip with baja bike tours on the 25th of april, revolution day.
The bike tour was very good with a good english leader. She spoke very good and clearly about her city. We started in the gardens of Eduardo 7 and went to the center were we got a pastry and a drink,after that we biked to Belem . We did see the highlights of lisbon and the leader spoke clearly about the founding of the revolution and how the city was builded up. We had a great 4 hour trip.

Madrid,Highlights Bike tour
George,10th April 2017
This bike trip around Madrid was the highlight of our two days in Madrid. Jop (Dutch guy) was fantastic (even though we arrived late). His knowledge of the city is amazing for a non-native. The stop for food was ideal, giving us a small break before getting back on the bikes again. The tour appeared a little expensive from the outset, but was well worth it.
We were a little unsure about this bike tour (being an Irish stag party whose main plan was to drink), but we’re glad we did it. Fantastic fun.

Madrid,Highlights Bike tour
Rik,5th April 2017
We booked the tour on our first full day in Madrid. What an excellent way to get to know all the quarters! Thanks to this trip we had a lot more ideas of what to do for the coming days. The guide had a very good knowledge of the cultural and political history of Madrid. The location of Baja Bikes is very central too.
Customer = satisfied!

Porto,Highlights Bike tour
Jess,2nd April 2017
Me and my friend really enjoyed the Highlights bike tour we did in Porto. It was a great and relaxing way to see the highlights of the city. I would recommend to do this tour on the first day of your visit to Porto. That way you have a great overview of what there is to do and see in Porto. Further more, the pace of the bike ride was good. Our guide Mike gave us enough time to hop of our bikes and enjoy the views and go inside several buildings. Nex to that the route was easy. Porto has a lot of hills but we only rode down hill. Our guide Mike did an excellent job. In the end he gave us lots of good restaurant tips.

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Anet,16th March 2017
We really enjoyed our highlights tour Berlin. Biking allows you to see so much more compared to walking. Especially if you have limited time to visit the city just book with baja bikes. Locals tell you inside stories on all major monuments as well as on other things you may want to go see or do. It’s absolutely worth every Euro!

Valencia,Highlights Bike tour
Adrienne,3th March 2017
This was an absolutely great guided tour. Our guide Louise was extremely knowledgeable and really wanted to make sure you enjoyed the experience. A brilliant way to initiate yourself to the city and go back and explore more on foot or bike later in your holiday. Can’t rate Louise highly enough. Thank you so much.

Paris,Highlights Bike Tour
Johnatan,1st Marz 2017
Husband & I took our 17 & 20yr old kids on Paris bike tour. Great way to see all the important must see sights! Definitely go on your first day. (Maybe not on a beautiful Saturday-crowded routes everywhere) Our guide, Jasmine, was so very good at explaining background info and history. We took English tour and she was really thorough -we got so much out of it. Request her if you can!! We picked what she recommended going back to and loved it all. She even helped show us how to use the metro after the tour. It is Paris and you will encounter crowded streets (we did a London tour which was less stressful) it’s just how Paris is I think. We had a young group (8 in total) and were all able to keep up though it moves very quickly. She kept us a whole extra hour-which was awesome-never felt like we missed anything. It is for the most part safe. You really have to pay attention because of traffic-I suggest a weekday. (We could have done without riding down Avenue des Champs-Élysées in heavy crazy traffic at the very end-our college daughter was terrified-haha)

Rome,Via Appia Tour
Timothy,27th February 2017
We did the via appia tour, very nice tour to explore a part of Rome outside the busy touristic parts! Our guide Lieke told us a lot of good information during the tour.Impressive history of the via appia!The bikes were good enough for this tour, however other tours have much better bikes!A bit of climbing during the tour, but this was fine for us!
Very good price for this tour!

Madrid,Highlights Bike tour
Emma,19th February 2017
We had a super tour with Gezzer our guide, he asked us where our interest lay and we had a super tour with lots of history and information.
Thoroughly enjoyable and we would recommend this as a great way to see the city.
The bikes were all in good condition and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful.

Rome,Highlights Bike tour
Nicole,12th February 2017
We had an amazing bike tour through Rome! Thanks for your flexibility with this last minute booking. We have enjoyed!!

Rome,Highlights Bike tour
Sylvia,9th February 2017
Our highlights tour in Rome yesterday was awesome! Great and thanks to Celeste!

Lisbon,Highlights Bike tour
Margreth,4th February 2017
We had a fun bike tour in Lisbon!

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Sophie,7th February 2017
We booked a bike tour in Berlin. We have learned a lot about this beautiful city. In the future we will definitely book more bike tours in other cities!

Budapest,Highlights Bike tour
Adeay,2th February 2017
This morning we had an amazing baja bike tour along Budapest, thanks Peter!

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Dave,30th January 2017
Last week we had a super bike tour with our guide Björn through Berlin. Extremely impressive to see the most important places and to hear the real story.

Barcelona,Highlights Bike tour
Marion,26th January 2017
We have seen a lot of Barcelona, it was a fantastic experience!

Valencia,Highlights Bike tour
Vanesssa, 23th January 2017
Thanks to Ann for this amazing bike tour through Valencia. Despite the weather it was awesome!

Amsterdam,Highlights Bike tour
Patrick,19th January 2017
We got to Baja Bikes on time and waited a few minutes before being helped. The tour guide waited till we were happy with our bikes and proceeded with the tour.The tour was really interesting.We got to see al the sites and our Dutch guide was very knowledgeable. The tour lasted more than 3 hrs due to the guide taking into account the heat. We had ample stops to refresh, drink something or have a bite to eat.

Paris,Highlights Bike tour
Kim, 16th January 2017
We arrived at Paris on a Friday at 12.00h, and booked a bicycle trip at 14.00h. I would certainly recommend it so you can have a good overview of the city before really going in to certain regions. Thanks to the trip, we had a clear view what we certainly wanted to visit the next days. Very friendly guide. The only thing that is difficult is to find the “office” where the trip starts. It’s on the -2 level of very large garage.

Lisbon,Highlights Bike tour
Syagoda, 4th January 2017
Private bike tour with Miguel was fabulous! Miguel was very knowledgeable and took us to all of the major spots in Lisbon. He tailored the tour to our interests and left us with some great recommendations! I highly recommend this tour – do it at the beginning of your stay to get the lay of the land!

Malaga,Highlights Bike tour
John, 2nd January 2017
Incredible bike tour with Sanne, I think the best way to see the city is on the bike. We did see the old Malaga from thousands years ago, the amazing roman theater, the story of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas.

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Marcus, 27th December 2016
Of course you can walk (takes more time), take a bus or S bahn (less healthy) to discover Berlin. But the city has no hills and not to much tragic (surprisingly). So a bike ride is the perfect way to see the highlights And our guide did an excellent job. So also my teenage daughters found the 3.5 hour tour interesting.

London,Christmas Lights Bike tour
Johnaton, 23th December 2016
Guide Felix showed us the London Christmas lights on a Saturday evening. He made sure had an easy and relaxed ride through a busy city. The children (9 and 11) loved it and so did we. Great way to see a lot of the city.

Rome,Via Appia Bike tour
Theodore, 13th December 2016
We quite enjoyed the ride outside of Rome which, after two days of crowded Vatican, Colloseum an all, provided us with a nice alternative perspective on the city. Raul was very helpful.

New York, Brooklyn Bike tour
Tiffany, 10th December 2016
The tour was good. We took a Dutch guide and he gave us interesting explanations. It was a nice trip starting at 2am. It was extremely hot on that day. So i would recommend doing this trip in the morning during summer. The bikes are rather heavy, and you have to drive a ‘torpedo’ bike (you have to break by pedalling backwards), which is probably something Dutch people are used to have such bikes.

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
David, 6th December 2016
Work together with Berlin on Bikes. a great experience with a guide like Björn !!
you get to enjoy the city with a personal touch

Berlin,Highlights Bike tour
Britany, 4th December 2016
We had a great bike ride in Berlin with Jarde. We really liked the tour! Nice thing to do with a group of people. Thanks Jarde!!!

Rome,Highlights Bike tour
Inge, 28th November 2016
Always great to Discover a city with a guide from Baja bikes on a bike Pity The vatican and trastevere werent included.

Barcelona,Highlights Bike tour
Bob, 26th November 2016
We booked in our tour during our stay in Barcelona. We were fortunate enough to have Carola as our guide. Not only was she knowledgeable, she was fun and entertaining. She gave us a great tour of all the highlights of Barcelona as well as great commentary about the city’s history. We will definitely come back and highly recommend this company. Easy to book and a great time!

London,Highlights Bike tour
David, 23th November 2016
London, Highlights Bike tour
We had a lovely bike through London! Our guide was great and showed us some nice parts of the city and told us stuff we did not know. We will definitely do this again!

London,Highlights Bike tour
David, 23th November 2016
London, Highlights Bike tour
We had a lovely bike through London! Our guide was great and showed us some nice parts of the city and told us stuff we did not know. We will definitely do this again!

Seville, Highlights Bike tour
Eveline, 20th November 2016
Rome, Highlights Bike tour
My daughter and I joined Baja bikes for a tour on our first day in Seville. We were initially greeted in Dutch upon our arrival and it was obvious that we were confused. It turns out all the others on the tour were dutch except us and we are blond so it was a funny mistake. Rosalie gave the whole tour in dutch and English. We saw all the major sites and got our bearings. We stopped for snacks and food at the Maria Luisa Park. It was a fun and informative morning!

Rome, Highlights Bike tour
Andrea, 17th November 2016
Rome, Highlights Bike tour
It has been a pleasure to visit the castell and the downtown of Prague by bike. It’s also easy, the town is completely flat, and the bikes are very good. The guides – in particular Martin (hope the spell is right) – are very kind and very well prepared about history, places, and so on. It’s also cheap.

Andrea, 14th November 2016
Prague, Highlights Bike tour
It has been a pleasure to visit the castell and the downtown of Prague by bike. It’s also easy, the town is completely flat, and the bikes are very good. The guides – in particular Martin (hope the spell is right) – are very kind and very well prepared about history, places, and so on. It’s also cheap.

Pascale, 11th November 2016
Berlin, Highlights Bike tour
What a fantastic experience this was! How do you explain the DDR and the history of the wall to teenagers ? Well … Ask Johan (Dutch speaking guide) and your kids will love it!!

Sem, 9th November 2016
Budapest, HighlightsBike tour
We had a lovely tour through Budapest. Our guide Matias was fantastic! He knew so much about the city and gave us a pleasant tour. He told us a lot about the history and the current situation. He also gave us some nice tips like where to eat which was very useful! Recommend to everyone!!

Andrew, 7th November 2016
Rome, Via Appia Bike tour
We quite enjoyed the ride outside of Rome which, after two days of crowded Vatican, Colosseum an all, provided us with a nice alternative perspective on the city. Raul was very helpful.

Daphne, 4th November 2016
Barcelona, Highlights Bike tour
We booked a 3 hour bike tour in Sevilla. Since our youngest of 7 can not yet handle a bike without side wheels and is too big to sit in a seat in the back we booked a tandem for her and my husband. Arriving at the shop all was ready for us and we had a very informative, fun, and interesting tour through all Sevilla’s highlights. Our guide Nan spoke in Dutch and English and it didn’t disturb her that I translated bits and parts in between for our children. We had a great time and I definitely would recommend this tour if you want to see the city’s main places in an enjoyable way. Good for all ages and really fun. And ask for Nan – she is wonderful!

Sonya, 1st November 2016
Barcelona, Highlights Bike tour
Private bike tour with Miguel was fabulous! Miguel was very knowledgeable and took us to all of the major spots in Lisbon. He tailored the tour to our interests and left us with some great recommendations! I highly recommend this tour – do it at the beginning of your stay to get the lay of the land!

Jessie, 28nd October 2016
Barcelona, Highlights Bike tour
Me and my sister booked the 3 hour tour through Barcelona with baja bikes. Really nice tour Guide and a great tour including most of the highlights of Barcelona.

Sem, 20nd October 2016
Seville, Highlights Bike tour
We booked a 3 hour bike tour in Sevilla. Since our youngest of 7 can not yet handle a bike without side wheels and is too big to sit in a seat in the back we booked a tandem for her and my husband. Arriving at the shop all was ready for us and we had a very informative, fun, and interesting tour through all Sevilla’s highlights. Our guide Nan spoke in Dutch and English and it didn’t disturb her that I translated bits and parts in between for our children. We had a great time and I definitely would recommend this tour if you want to see the city’s main places in an enjoyable way. Good for all ages and really fun. And ask for Nan – she is wonderful!

Myrna, 11nd October 2016
Rome, Highlights Bike tour
In a few hours (3-4) you discover Rome with a diff