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Bike Tours Bilbao

Discover Bilbao by bike
  • Discover Bilbao by bike 
  • English tour guide
  • Bike tours Bilbao 
  • Popular cycling tour
  • Incl. Guggenheim, historic center
  • and more!

There is a special change going on in Bilbao. Bilbao, traditionally an industrial city, with shipyards and people working in factories. The time were cycling in Bilbao was not common. The old business model of Bilbao, as an industrial city, is totally gone since the economic crisis. Nowadays the city should start looking for new impulses. This is done by focusing on culture and tourism. With success! Bilbao is very worth visiting and easy to discover by bike.

Guided Bike tour in Bilbao

Nowadays Bilbao is littered with bike paths and it´s comfortable to cycle in the Basque city. It is clear to see a growing new side of the city. Bilbao is becoming greener, parks have been constructed, you can stroll along the river. Meanwhile, you wonder the rise and fall of the water level to the tides of the Atlantic Ocean. The river in Bilbao was so dirty that Basque children where threatened to be thrown into the river as punishment for bad behavior.

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Tours by bike in Bilbao with a local expert guide

Bilbao is worth visiting for a couple of days. You can do tours by boat on the river called Bilboat. Additionally Baja Bikes offers fun bike tours in Bilbao.

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